Things you love thread


Lol I’ve never understood this. Yeah it’s convenient sometimes however the battery comment is a terrible example. Who remembers to buy batteries until they need them, so you buy them from amazon and wait two days? Lol I thought you just said you needed them? Anyways I have amazon prime and use it for buying off the wall shit that I wouldn’t even begin to know where to look for a store that sold that particular item. I fear the day though that I can’t drive to my local store and buy batteries if I wanted them instantly and didn’t want to wait for two days. It will be all your fault too you lazy mother fucker. Get up off your lazy ass and go somewhere ffs. :grin:


Deal of the day, next day delivery at no extra charge…



Give it another 5-10 years and that local store will be owned by amazon, giving you the fine experience of buying everything from just one company.


Reeeelaaaaax… It’s going to be OK. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly and feel the tension release. Okay? Feel better? Namaste.




They forgot the bun on your hotdog.


No, no, no , no, no :mask:


Best meal in the world… Gawd bless ya guv…


Jellied Eels… I used to think that was a joke when I was kid because people used to mess around and say “jellied eels!” when someone was asked what they wanted for dinner. :giroud:


My Dad loves them but ive never fancied them…


Lol my friends always make fun of me because i refuse to buy a digital copy of a movie and or game. I WANT SOMETHING TANGIBLE IN MY FUCKING HANDS!!!


Ahhhhh, the British cuisine. +1 of things I didn’t miss when I left.


Nuffin wrong with fried mars bar…


That its the Easter Weekend. :sunglasses:


Going to sunny warm Long Beach to watch some sexy Indy Cars while drinking a bunch of beer and tequila and eating some hot wings. To top it off that smell of the high octane fuel makes my weiner hard. Last Sunday was good :grin:


4-day weekends

When you find a random tenner in your jeans pocket

When you’re approaching traffic lights and they turn green

Lifting heavy objects for a calculated number of repititions

Left over pizza in the morning


Fucking yes.

Straight from the fridge and not heated up. Garlic and herb sauce.



When you shite and it ghosts out. No wiping necessary.