Things you love thread


Not one of them wearing a yellow ribbon. All fake then.


Thursday bank


Can I still use banks from previous days?


This is a terrible thread if it’s actually about hotties.


When i posted a cucumber :smiling_imp: picture on the old site it caused uproar so keeping it safe, but feel free to post something…


Well because your focus was the cucumber I understand the uproar!


That can be next weeks brief… Fruit n Veg… But done in the best possible taste…


Arsenalfanbabes on instagram


Friday Bank, Last bank of the week…

The last one seems happy :slight_smile:


The first one’s just weird


The facebook pout


Emily Ratajkowski’s iCloud account has been hacked. Some of the pics, just wow. :clap:


Has it!!! She is unreal.




Good God


All set for the weekend now Cristo? :smirk:


Yeah except that ugly bald cunt in one of the pictures is off putting


This thread feels like a group of seedy old men in a pub licking their chops at anything remotely pretty prior to their appointment at a happy ending massage parlour around the corner.

Shivers; this thread should be hidden for eternity.


Oh god she is everything


She’s kinda derpy looking. Not sure I see the appeal. She should of just became a pornstar rather than find fame through that god awful song a couple of years back.