Things you love thread


Arsene you crafter badger you, where is your right hand eh? He knows unveiling signings for the woman’s team isn’t part of his job at Arsenal!



Total stunner.


@Trion Would you do this with her? :wink:


Multiple times buddy multiple times.

On my last jump, I won’t open the parachute to go deeper than ever.
I am sick.


Wait, why is she not wearing a helmet?
Is it because two are jumping together?


I have no idea. Maybe because she’s experienced (dunno if she is)? Honestly no clue.


Typical footballer, always taking diving too seriously :wink:


why would she wear a helmet its not going to save her if she hits the ground head first


Where else would she mount her go-pro dude?


Hoogendijk is so average. I guess since you’re not around white girls a lot, @Trion, (you’re from India, correct?) that plays a part.


Correct & Perhaps you are right in some way, but with Anouk here, It’s the combination of innocent face & great body that does it for me, not her skin color.

If i were to look into my preferences, white European girls are little lower in my list.
North/West Indian
European/American white girls

I have no way to measure that but I like to believe that’s how my dick works.



I am Indian. What did you expect? :sunglasses:


at least we have Kim Little back :giroud:

that reminds me of…


This thread is fucking weird


[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:76, topic:482, full:true”]
This thread is fucking weird
[/quote]It wouldn’t be OA if it wasn’t :wenger:


If you have nothing better to say about my thread, I would have to ask you to leave. Get out.
This thread has a purpose.


Well yeah, that’s kind of my point. The thread had a purpose but I’m seeing people talking about cars lol


Can we actually get some wank material in here, cheers thanks


Don’t get me started.