Things you love thread


:joy::joy::joy: you crack me up. Honestly I actually quite liked the aesthetics it first time round but the more I look at it now the less I enjoy it especially after re-viewing the original 1965 Ford Mustang, that things is gorgeous.

Edited my OP. Better ?


Ahaha. Goddamn that Canadian queen might be the only thing better than the Fastback Mustang.


Some lucky cunt bought one of these for 2.5m. Bargain.


Is that the specialized one for Spectre? God that film sucked, actually they all have recently other than Casino Royale but going back to the Aston Martins was a damn cool choice. I pass a black Vanquish most days and I’d literally get a boner if I wasn’t so jealous.

As much as I love Eva Green I’d have ran that bitch down to protect the car.


Yeah, The DB10 from Spectre.

I’d kill 100 French actresses for one of these Vanquishes in that colour :wink:



I don’t see the big thing for cars. It’s just metal with seats doors and 4 wheels.


Spoken like a man who rides the bus.



Baby blue, really?


1954 Mercedes Benz W154 Streamliner :heart_eyes:

Love the look of older, classic cars. Something more unique and personable about them compared to most modern car cars


E-Type & the Eagle speedster. :giroud2:

3.50 that noise… :cry:


Was behind a classic E-Type the other day, beautiful sight to behold. Lovely car.


Well, that wank got weird pretty damn quickly.


She has an excellent body man.


Yeah, But think of the back problems she’ll have with those heels she most certainly has on under that dress.


Resulting in bad posture and most likely osteoporosis in her later years. Eeewwewe I’ll pass.




Xhaka probably best looking player in our squad


I don’t care about men.

I still cry because Anouk Hugedi…ummm… Hoogendijk left us.

She was so pretty.

These hoes ain’t loyal.