Thierry Henry


Sky are his employers. Really big thing getting made of it when for me there is nothing to it. Watching sky yesterday you could see in Thierry’s eyes he was quite emotional when talking after the speech


Absolutely diabolical that Henry didnt go to honour the manager that made him . There’s enough pundits who could have taken over , Sky would have honoured him to go . It wouldn’t bother me if i never saw Henry at the Emirates .


Henry seems to be a bit of snake recently he professes to love Arsenal and he probably does, but only when it makes him look good…only cares about himself and what accolades he can get out of things, to me he is a bit too much ‘look at me’. I am not saying he was ALWAYS like that but definitely feels like that to me right now.


I’m not going to say any bad words about Henry, when we had him with his 228 goals in 370 odd appearances I felt we could beat any side in the world at any venue. Miss having a top 3 player in the world at our disposal.