Theo Walcott


I’m talking about the effort and commitment, not the effect of the effort. He should have jumped. You can’t be certain if he wouldn’t get a touch on that ball.


You are talking like he would and it is his fault.


I cannot wait to get rid of him. What kill me is that he will (1) absolutely score against us when he leaves and (2) people will get all sanctimonious about booing him on his return.

Theo, in my opinion, has been a failure at Arsenal. If people want to boo him, they absolutely should.


At fault for what? Not jump up and make an attempt to block a cross, which is the point of being in a human wall, instead of standing there holding his crotch carelessly?

You bet it is his fault.


Don’t feed him.

You can’t say anything bad about arsenal or wenger in his eyes


Dude you are trying to pin this on one person; you can hate a player but dude your just OTT, the guy was clearly standing next to the keeper and nobody even looked at him. The keeper didn’t communicate to the others that there is a man beyond them, the TEAM didn’t even pay attention to him standing there. What you are saying every time a goal is conceded via a free kick and there is a wall it’s the fault of the people
In the wall for not preventing it.

So you getting Theo Walcott is but dumb and scapegoating when clearly there are others who are more culpable for the goal.


Sorry that just bs; dude is clearly pointing fingers at whatever.

If you are going to comment refute whatever I’ve said with a credible counter argument.


No dude I am clearly not dude, dude I am simply pointing out that this Walcott dude didn’t fucking give a fuck dude.


No you a clearly trying something rage about; that’s all it’s symptomatic on OA don’t like blame him for shit or if all fails blame wenger of that fails, be condescending in your reply; cause clearly that would hammer your point home.


You deserve nothing but condescension. At no point did I say that Walcott single-handedly cost us that goal, in fact I didn’t even imply it. You are the only one trying to drive the point that I did for whatever reason.

Errors happen and I have a lot of time for errors. What happened in the box is miscomunication, lack of leadership and organization, and most of all a collective mistake.

What Walcott did was carelessness, negative passive-aggressive attitude of someone who doesn’t want to be where he was.


That’s your interpretation on what happened; not many players jump when they are in a wall. Clearly that your shit and your opinion, not very intelligent mind you as this happens week in week out; btw the whole premise of the wall is to block a direct route to goal and a primary defence.

And yeah the very fact you pointed out him not jumping is singling him out as culprit for the goal, I am just calling you out on your bs, clearly you didn’t go on the other player threads and berate them for conceding a comical goal? Thought so.

People call throwing shit and hoping it would stick mate.


What? i’m nearly thirty years watching football and players in walls jumping seems like one of those things that happens in every game I’ve ever watched.


fixed it for him.


People really looking hard to pin things on someone, this is why OA irritates the shit of my nowadays people have lost they objectivity.

Everyone follows the in crowd.


Feel free to fuck off then.


Well you can always stop posting :wave:


Well MODs what are you going to do @Gladiator just went over the mark


I couldn’t give a shit if he jumped personally. It’s just the latest example of him clearly not giving a fuck. Your claim that players don’t generally jump in walls is ludicrous though and you’re defending him here for what reason? Seemingly it’s simply because he’s being criticised.

EDIT: Yea, i don’t think he needs to be told he doesn’t have to post lads.


Nah mate the whole defence was a shit show picking on one player by default because you don’t like isn’t an excuse to create a dumb narrative.

Edit: this is why OA is losing members people can’t opposing views and just debate it like fans of the club should.


It’s the Theo thread. People are pointing out Theo failures. Seems OK to me.