Theo Walcott


He doesn’t even get subbed in any more haha

I’d snap their hand off for £20m.


If it’s true our squad is too big salary-wise I would be pleased with 5 million. Need to get rid of players.


It’s not.


He would be 30m but any buying club has got to also consider his 5m a year wages son realistically, if we get 20m for him as well as saving 5m a season in wages, that would be a pretty good deal
Saying that, if Chamberlain was more than 40m then we might get a bit more.
He would also be one of Southampton’s best players and would maybe start upfront for them, where they are desperate for a goal scorer.


We aren’t going to attract the quality we need to replace Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla.
We will only replace Chamberlain and Walcott with a similar standard of player.

The fact is, we need to buy three top class players, because next season we are going to be without our three best attacking midfielders, and there is no way that is going to happen.
We will only get Walcott or Chamberlain level players.


If Arsenal are going to demand a price in that range we’ll have Walcott here for a long time :neutral_face:.


we might anyway :henry2:


LOL, i love how MM said what he felt was a good price a4TT ignores it and then utterly fails at basic math.


Oh is that what happened? I’m dumb!


Take him for free Southampton.


Hate him just as much as Wenger


Awful player



Worst player on the pitch in a team full of pensioners and 20 year olds. He has overstayed his welcome by 9 years.


Each time he plays his value goes down.

Thanks Wenger.


Walcott if someone pays 20m for him


What kind of returns does 110k per week get you? Ball-watching.


Don’t think he could have done anything about it.

But yes what a cunt!


He might as well have if he had bothered to jump.


Bro wtf…the wall couldn’t do anything you should be looking at the people behind.

Clutching much…not only that ospina could have had a look around and told one of the others to watch the man next to him.