Theo Walcott


I think Ozil is off as well as Sanchez, so that attacking line up looks good for a mid table club.
Just imagine if that was our starting line up next season.
We would become a mid table club :wink:


This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Never really understood what Theo brought to the table as a player. He happened to be the only recognizable name in a team that had just lost Adebayor, Cesc, Nasri and RvP in successive transfer windows and reaped the benefit.

I don’t buy into the idea that he cares more about his non-football ventures than football. However I’m sick of him and think he’s come to represent the epitome of a Arsene Wenger player. He’s smart, quick with a quote, savvy about his image and ultimately comfortable not being challenged or willing to challenge others.


He, like Wenger and several players, are on the Arsenal gravy train where complacency rules and ambition is a dirty word.
Like you say, Walcott represents everything wrong with the club.
Physically and mentally weak, complacent, overpaid and lacking a winning mentality.
This type of attitude is why Sanchez and Ozil want out, and why we won’t be able to attract any quality players here to replace them.


This is so not true.


Possibly the best business we do this window is to offload this guy.


Depends on how much money we make anything below £20m and we’ve been had


Getting him off the wage bill would be enough for me.


And anything above £20m, they’ve been had


anything above £20 and they have been had TBH!


£30M is a fair price. Don’t let Theo’s shitness at Arsenal deceive you, he’d be a great player for any club outside the top 6


We’ll be lucky to get £10m


Just someone PM me when Wally Walcott is finally gone, I’ll buy the cake and distribute it appropriately


You know what, I think you’re right. For the first 3 months of last season he was a starter and doing alright and he’s had a consistent record over a long period that would make him a good buy for any 6th-10th side. He’s about as proven a PL attacker as any of those teams are going to get.

But I’m afraid that he’s simply going to have such a reputation as damaged goods that he won’t command a fee that he’s worth. My guess would be something like £12m max.

He’s done no less in the PL than someone like Sigurdsson who is about the same age and was not cheap but he played for a club that needed him and didn’t want to sell. Buying Arsenal players that can barely make the bench, you aren’t spending £30m there.


I reckon the fee will be between 18-22m


They just got 75m from selling VVD if we don’t get a chunk of that our negotiating team is worthless.


Define chunk.


At least 1/4.


18/19m. Yea. Should achieve that.


We should get more than that for a homegrown in his prime with 100+ goals from the wing and nearly 50 caps for the three kitties. I’m not sure we will, but we should. More like £25-30m imo.


We could have commanded a good fee for Theo if he didn’t become an absolute non entity at Arsenal to the point where he doesn’t even make the squad sometimes. And when you factor in his big wages, there’s no way we’re getting a good fee for him.