Theo Walcott



Hopefully it is gonna be a bidding war so we get a good price for him.


Everton: we’ll pay you 60k a week less than you’re on at Arsenal
Southampton: we’ll pay you 50k less
Everton: Alright we’ll pay you 40k less

Gonna be awesome :giroud2:


Well you tagged me so yeah.


I predict he stays or is loaned out until end of season and then we are back to figuring out what to do with this guy - when does his contract end?


What did united do to get rid of Rooney? Hadn’t he recently signed a huge contract, yet they were still able to offload him to Everton.


I’d imagine they are still paying a fair chunk of his wages tbh.


And we are too cheap to do that, pretty much what I figured.


Dunno about that. We almost certainly pay part of the wages of a number of our loan players. Perez for instance.


I could be wrong but Rooney signed that deal in 2013 so I imagine by 2017 he didn’t have too many years left on his contract. And like has been said, United definitely pay a portion of his wages.


He left yet? Counting down the days until this waster leaves.



Oh is Rooney on loan?


Everton signed him on a free transfer and United most likely paid him a lump sum or contribute to his wages.

United will waive a fee and may also fund part of Rooney’s £13m wages.


I have SSN on in the background and they just said Walcott would consider a pay cut :open_mouth:


will miss theo if he goes but only because he’s been here a long time, He has had some great moments for us over the years but he never lived up to the potential which is a shame, probably best to sell him now and just replace him with someone like Mahrez.

Walcott could have a decent rest of his career with a move back to Southampton and maybe get back into the England squad, so best of luck to him if we do sell.


Yes Mauricio!! Arsenal legend


Hope so. C’mon get him!



malcom - - - - - Laca - - - - - Nelson (new winger)

With Ozil behind, might be alright. (well if ozil stays of course)




Safe to say we need to add two wingers if Ozil goes too…