Theo Walcott




I never really get why older established players want to go on loan. It seems a bit sad to me. At least with youngsters, they know they’re being loaned out to help with their development. With older players it’s, more often than not, because their parent club doesn’t want them!

Once you reach a certain age and can see you won’t fit into your current team anymore, why would you opt to be treated like that? Just take a fucking pay cut and move on!


Clubs are lining up to sign a permacrocked Sturridge on similar wages, we shouldn’t find it too difficult to sell Walcott.


Such a shame about Sturridge, he’s one of the best when on form


Think Sturridge is damaged goods now.

Doesn’t have confidence in his body and seems like he has lost a yard in pace, plus he doesn’t really run in behind or have dynamic movement anymore.

Just a finisher at this point, but knowing Liverpool they’ll sell him for at least £20mil whilst we loan out Walcott or sell for peanuts.


He probably thinks he has a chance of going to the World Cup and not even getting on the bench with us is going to persuade Southgate.

Sell him, along with Sanchez, and with the money we got from Chamberlain as well, we should get enough to buy a player like Lemar.


Well, if you treat football more like your job instead of passion it makes sense to maximize the money you earn. Also if you don’t get picked up by a half decent Premier League team the pay cut may be a little too much to not prefer a year out on loan instead.

Szcze, Campbell, Wilshere to an extent, Debuchy. We are and have been struggling with selling players for some time now if they’re not top quality and have them running down their contract on loan instead.


I always find it funny how we’d refuse to pay players like RvP etc. the money they wanted but then put a dozen other average players on salaries they’d never get anywhere else. Our best players would scarper and then we’d be left back with fucking Denilson and Co.

Absolutely typical. Although come to think of it, RvP is the only player I can really think of where we didn’t give him a salary he deserved/wanted.


We should be the example used to any prospective club owner, in lessons on wages and transfer strategy, on how not to run a club.


van Persie left to win the league under a world class manager. Nothing to do with not paying him enough money


I think van Persie left because his contract was running out. His contract was running out because we didn’t make him a good enough offer soon enough.

These players wanted to leave once leaving became an option. It’s no coincidence that Nasri, van Persie, Clichy, Ozil, Sanchez etc. only ever looked like leaving when they had one year left of a 3/4/5 year contract. Not a peep on any of those players leaving before that.

There was talk of us offering Ozil 250k or so late in 2017 (April-ish?). If we’d offered him that in April 2016 before he had an eye on going into his final year — would he have signed it? Maybe. Then him leaving becomes a complete non-issue.



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That is amazing.
There are actually two PL League clubs interested in buying Walcott.


Would be so typical that we get another injury now and with Giroud out, he ends up staying.


@Arsenal4thetreble incoming in 3,2,1…


He scored 19 goals last season, not that surprising that teams would be interested.


I think the fact Wenger doesn’t even put him on the bench for a lot of games, and the 120k a week would be enough to put most clubs off.


19 goals yet it remains a curious paradox of football that I’ll be happy when he finally goes. Happy for him too, I think it will represent symbolically one of the first small steps of moving forward into a post-Wenger era