Theo Walcott


A4TT has a point; I feel with Theo in the team we had a little more going forward especially on away games. Right now the team needs a little shake up.


We’re not going to be worse if Theo gets a game so why the fuck not at this stage.


He is injured lol


That’s a good reason why not.


He gets behind a lot more; and plays like a second striker rather than a winger.


I just think it’s probably the right time for both Arsenal and Theo to cut ties. I think he’s way too comfortable at Arsenal and even though I think he’s done a good job for us, he’s never going to all of a sudden turn become a first teamer. I think Wenger has lost faith in him in the last season or two, he’s still a player who annoy you but score a few goals but hasn’t really got better to really justify his wages.


Always loved Big Sam


ehhh…Brady’s arguments had more fallacies and sophistry than a Trump speech.




Such a peach of a cross, too


I know, it’s so unfair.
Because all those Swedish pub teams have got such strong defensive players.
Who else, apart from Walcott, could unlock the well organised defensive qualities of BATE, the tractor manufacturing club?


Walcott is a fucking joke now. (skip to 30 seconds)


Wow you guys a just wow.

He tried a diving header nothing wrong with that, ive seen plenty of players miss those it’s nothing new.


Come on I was thinking he missed a tap in. It’s a diving header get over it nobody moans when Alexis sky’s his balls like 5 times. You don’t like the but seriously stop being sheep


He had time and space. He didn’t need to head it (hardly his strong point). That’s the criticism i’d level at him here.


I would say the same thing it was a poor decision with so much time and space. Should of kept it simple






But has learnt that at present the most likely departure for Walcott in January would be on loan due to his high wages.

Hardly a surprise but what’s the point in loaning him out. I’d rather just keep him here tbh.


Feels like it’s that way so often for our players. Loan them out till their contracts expire :confused:
Didn’t that happen with Podolski, Park, Sanogo etc too?