Theo Walcott


I have full respect for the human being Theo Walcott. But only having that doesn’t cut it. We are a professional club and it’s time we start acting like it. Keeping this dross of talented players who never takes the next step (and have huge wages) isn’t what a (supposedly) ambitious club is all about.


I really don’t care about trolling, I was merely taking the piss out of BATE and didn’t think anyone would take it serious. I was like half asleep still and in one of those moods and just got annoyed someone took it serious lol, which triggered that reaction


My West Ham supporting mates don’t want him but they would take Giroud.
Also, as far as I’m aware no other top club in Europe has shown an interest in him.

His level is on the bench for us, or at a club like Everton or Southampton, and the reason we can’t offload him is because any club to be able to afford him and his wages would rather spend it on a top quality player.
The only similarity between Walcott and a top quality player is his wages.

He’s too inconsistent, to weak, mentally and physically, often injured and the fact that when his manager, who has played him as a captain and is his longest serving player doesn’t even put him on the bench, you know he isn’t good enough.


Does united still get the EL trophy even though they played shit opposition throughout the tournament last year? Yes. Do I hear anyone on OA diminishing their accomplishment because of that? No, in fact it’s commonly used as a stick to beat Wenger with.

Theo is running rough shod through this same opposition yet, it’s just bad teams so Theo’s goals don’t matter. Typical arsenal fanatics and their poor sad excuse for “support”. Perfect example of the shitty glory hunting fans that supposedly support our club and players.


I assume you are including Wenger in that criticism, because he’s not a big fan of Walcott either.

When you support a club, you want and expect the best.
Walcott clearly doesn’t fall into that category.


I’d rather watch them get better… it is always preferable and I don’t really believe anyone thinks otherwise, it is more that we don’t believe it possible with players like Walcott. And I pick on him, but if we kept him but got rid of a bunch of other players and upgraded, he would probably be a fine squad option. Problem is you can’t compete with a team largely comprised of “fine squad options.”


Uhh, this makes absolutely no sense in regards to my initial post.


If Theo keeps running through teams in the knockout stages and we lift the trophy then I will lay off him, but lets be serious the Europa League starts in Feb.




I disagree that Theo failed to reach potential. He just had a lower ceiling than initially wrongly predicted.


What other top European club would have Walcott as their longest serving player and one of the highest earners?


Well I can’t see this one happening!


Ya know you guys got me thinking. Not only is Theo a great player but he’s also mentally superior to anyone we have on the team too. Since being subbed off after 70 minutes is so damaging to a players mental state, imagine the anguish Theo must feel not even making the bench on match days. Yet when he plays in the Europa league he just keeps scoring and assisting. Theo must have a huge amount of intelligence and confidence to compliment his elite football skills, dashing good looks, and a head of hair to make Fabio jealous.


You are so incredibly boring. There’s absolutely nothing entertaining or humorous about these posts. I’ve tried to ignore this bullshit for a little bit now but it’s so tiresome to read.




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Or maybe you should engage in good quality football discussion without always trying to be a troll.

I’ve always enjoyed this forum because it’s always had some excellent posters. Even people like Brady, who I basically never agreed with, could construct a fine argument and was an engaging poster at times. You’re just coming across as a really bad troll.


Now u know how I feel.