Theo Walcott


3 assists tonight :eyes:


Against Moldovan farmers. Big achievement :joy:


And a goal too, shoulda played against United we woulda won easily.


Respect BATE they’ve won their last 11 titles in their league


The fine art of trolling.


Yes supporting a player who actually plays for our team and has over 100 goals for the club is suuuuuchh hard core trolling, and so blatant too surprised I haven’t been banned yet for this madness.

Btw a goal/assist onxe every 95 minutes now.




Did United in their prime ever win 11 titles in a row? Well they might of if Wenger didn’t stop them. 11 titles shows we played strong opposition


Hahaha that’s very flawed logic.


If you think people are serious about thinking BATE Borisov are good at football…


If you’re going to troll at least stick by it instead of back tracking so quickly.

My laughing emoji at your post was because I was like 80% you were doing some funny trolling, I only very briefly considered that you could have been serious because you do occasionally come out with ridiculous shit like that. Which is trolling as an art form, it needs to be at least slightly believable.


Sometimes you come out with some shit trolling.


Eat a dick haters.


Yeah one good game against sh*t competition (where we had a lot of good performers)… and people clobber me for focusing on him in the ManUnited debacle a few years ago… fact is, he is squaddie at best for a team competing for top 4 and in the Europa league. If we kicked it up a notch, he would be even more irrelevant. Hope he is sold this winter for 30 million to Everton (perfect match imho), takes Ollie with him and we somehow get 2 WC players between this winter and next summer (Fekir?).

Even without Ollie and Theo we could get top 4 imho, the issue would be depth in competitions - so I think there is exactly 1% chance of 1 leaving and 0% chance of both leaving, but I would not be against relying on Laca, Welbeck (I know, I know), Sanchez, and Eddie for prem, Welbeck and Eddie for cups, etc. - even throw Akpom on for LC until we are out of that. On the wings we can blood in RN more and let Iwobi settle in for more minutes with Sanchez and/or Ozil.

It won’t happen and it is too risky from a squad/competition standpoint, but I wouldn’t be against it.


To be fair, I do think we are sometimes harsh on Theo. He is a nice guy, a true professional, always conducts himself well and speaks well in interviews. And even if we sometimes wish he wasn’t, he has been loyal to the club and unlike some others, he actually wants to play for us. He doesn’t always deserve all the abuse he gets.

But I think the problem people have is that it’s been 10 years and that “potential” he had hasn’t really materialised. It’s been long established that he isn’t a £100,000 a week player. But I think he’d be a great asset for an Everton or another mid table club. An option he should probably take if he wants to play regular football again.


This is very fair and balanced - I fully acknowledge (and always have) my personal bias against him. I see him as weak mentally (and who knows the f*ck if I am right) and I don’t excuse that in a top professional.


Back on mute for this thread. If I mute it i can pretend he’s not an arsenal player anymore and someone else’s problem


Like he has a choice


There’s that.

There’s also that thing where supposed fans of the Arsenal club literally want our own players to get injured, fuck off from the club, retire, stop playing football etc. rather than wanting them to become better. Which, I mean, is an opinion and so forth, like.


Well he could have left whenever he wanted to. But I meant more in the general sense. The amount of stick that guy gets and he stil says only good things about the fans and the club. And he is the type of guy to continue doing that even after he leaves.