Theo Walcott


Or is this another case of you taking shitty newspaper sources as absolute fact and insight when in reality its not the case.


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A bank account is just a holding pot. Those accounts will have signatories. Kroenke might be one, he might not. He has dozens of businesses running under his command and he employs people like Ivan Gazidis to keep track of that sort of stuff in each of them.[/quote]

Kroenke alone decides who has sign off to funds and how much their sign off is. The idea that a billionaire businessman is going to let an employee have sign off to all of funds without getting Kroenke’s agreement is laughable. Even if Gazidis is granted his own sign off by Kroenke, his jobs objective is to make Arsenal profitabile. He can’t spend more than the club has earned that year unless he wants to get sacked for not meeting objectives. IE of making the club profitable.

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There may well be an amount he has dictated as available but that’s a different story from how much of it COULD be spent. [/quote]

No it isn’t, if a majority shareholder sets a spending limit and demands profitability or even just break even he isn’t giving the sign off to 200million on football players.

“The is no money for major signings” - David Ornstein 2017

It is completely legal for a majority shareholder to set spending limits within his business. It’s the way all businesses are run.

The bottom line is that there’s nothing anyone in the club can do to increase spending plans put in place by Stan Kroenke.


It could be, but I would imagine there is more than an element of truth to it.


Fine. Agreed. But thats not a legal constraint in any sense of those words and we don’t know what he has outlined as the policy in this area either. I’ll maintain the money is there to spend until it’s proven otherwise.


i wish people would stop quoting this cunt all the time and taking what he says as gospel he is a bottom feeder he gets shit wrong 90% of the time he is no more reliable than any of these other shit ITKs


Ornstein is briefed by AFC, which is why he’s taken as gospel


bollocks is he, if that is the case why does he spout such shit all the time and having to constantly backtrack and style out whats he says and act like ‘the information he got was 100% accurate but some shit happened etc’ He is just as crap as any of the other ITKs out there and does the same stuff to boot.


You’re jumping from one extreme to the next. There isn’t any source out there that can be gospel and he’s just a journalist at the end of the day. But you are in denial if you can’t accept that he clearly is one of very few substantial sources of Arsenal information out there. If the club give him false information or information that only holds true for a few hours (say transfer deadline day), how is it his fault? For you to relegate him to being no better than any other Twitter account or newspaper is pure ludicrousness.


where have I jumped from one extreme to another? I have always said this guy is a fucking joke…and I stand by it. He rarely ever gets anything right but people follow his word as 100% fact.


You know that if we sold him he would score against us, don’t you? :mustafi:


There’s a difference between taking something as more credible than something else, and taking something as 100% fact. He’s not stating facts he’s just reporting what he gathers from his unique connections.

In those (very few) situations where the information he receives contradicts what eventually happens it’s really not his doing. He doesn’t lose a shred of credibility, because his credibility rests upon the fact that he has sources which hardly anyone else has. It’s not just based on him being right or wrong.


Yeah, he’ll score a hat-trick in his first game and @Arsenal4thetreble will have an orgasm :smile:


How do you know that he has ‘credible sources’ because he says so and because he works in the media? So do a lot of other twats out there. If it is not based on him being right or wrong what is it based on? Any other stupid fucker out there can do what he does ‘sources close to me tell me that XYZ is gonna happen’

oh BTW i gathered a lot of that info from where the smoke is coming from at present there is a lot of smoke about Sanchez going to Arsenal so I will focus on that…oh he came ‘see look I was right see I am an expert now u have really good contacts’ I now have a source that Benzema is coming too…oh he hasn’t come ‘the club was definitely in for him but things went bad he isn’t coming now’ see what I did there.

There is no difference between this twat and any other person in media etc or ITK, they all spout their crap from their ‘sources’ etc sometimes they are right sometimes not but all they basically do is throw shit at the wall and sometimes it sticks. TBH, do you see our club telling people about their plans especially to media outlets especially if things are in progress and not finalised? I dont think these things happen until things are done because things are too volatile to speak any media reps and who in the club will be advertising stuff like this anyway.


For sure :hipster:


Another arsenal Twitteratti…


Everton could certainly do with another injection of pace. I feel like he’ll probably have a good season at a West Ham or an Everton as they’d utilise his strengths. He’s simply not even close to being good enough to play for a top team where so much more is required.


Please please please!


Guy doesn’t even have a gif like the rest of the first team :joy::joy::joy: #deadbeat


LOL! Just sell the fucker :rofl:


The highlights of this match is just Theo destroying these poor guys lol :joy: a shame he’s been scapegoated we probably woulda beat united with him up top because he actually plays fast direct football not some limp dick passing around the box.