Theo Walcott


He’d be great for Leicester alongside Vardy, they play fast football would suit him





Because of one tweet? Maybe wait til an offer comes in…or even better until he’s posing for the pics…


I mean, anyone could tweet that, “There are 15 clubs interested in Theo Walcott”. I’m not wrong. They were interested. I didn’t say who they were. They decided not to buy him - mainly because they were actually looking for a footballer.


Theo would instantly improve most teams in the PL. He deserves to play every week and if he did he’d have a lot of goals scored so hope he gets an opportunity.


Shut the door on the way out. Byeeeee


Should have been sold ages ago…



Arsenal ‘ready to axe Theo Walcott in January’ in attempt to raise transfer funds for next summer."

With Ozil and Sanchez off the wage bill, as well as a net spend of almost nothing in the last window, and around 200m sitting in the bank, why are we pleading poverty?

Do we really need the money for Walcott before we can afford to spend?

Or isit because Wenger is going to outspend every other club in Europe and he needs every penny he can get?


It should be pretty obvious by now that 200m isn’t available and is leveraged against debt. Anyway balancing the books and selling assets that are no longer essential is part of business.


Lol. How about when we only had 50m in the bank? Were these debts we were supposed to be leveraging just cool with us being 150m behind schedule?


Such a little hater, lol.


You’re assuming more debt hasn’t been leveraged since then. Kroenke has amassed huge loans since then


Bet we hold out for too much money and he sticks around.


So? He can’t leverage then against the cash in Arsenals bank account. That’s not his cash.


Hope so!


He can leverage loans against his Arsenal PLC shares, which will be more attractive with a 70% ownership with high cash reserves rather than football players who are higher risk assets, ie they could break a leg.

His $725million ranch loan needed asset collateral to get signed off, how do you think he got it?

He could even perfectly legally bank all of Arsenal PLCs savings with his debtor to offset any loan.


He can’t actually. He could pay it as a dividend but he’d have to split it with Usmanov too. If he had 95% (i think) that changes but as i keep saying, it’s not his money, it’s the clubs and while he might ultimately be the one who signs off on whether it gets spent or not there isn’t anything legal that stops it being spent…and so far it’s never been shown that he has personally stopped any money belonging to the club being spent.

There is a huge difference between his shares in Arsenal being leveraged and Arsenals actual cash reserve being leveraged.


Yes he can. As majority shareholder he decides where Arsenal’s funds are banked. The money is officially Arsenal’s but he can bank it where he sees fit as majority shareholder.

Not sure if serious about ‘there isn’t anything legal that stops it being spent’, umm yes it does, any spending above X amount will require the majority shareholders sign off. There’s likely only a certain amount of finance that is instantly available from that 200 million anyway if any of those funds are in long term bonds etc.

There’s probably a transfer fund account with X amount in it that Kronke has signed off in May/June or maybe later to be spent. If anyone thinks that’s anywhere remotely near 200million they’re living in lalaland


A bank account is just a holding pot. Those accounts will have signatories. Kroenke might be one, he might not. He has dozens of businesses running under his command and he employs people like Ivan Gazidis to keep track of that sort of stuff in each of them. There may well be an amount he has dictated as available but that’s a different story from how much of it COULD be spent. The most realistic numbers i’ve heard in terms of debt reserves are 35m. Everything else is up for grabs and its personal whim (not necessarily Kroenkes) and noting legal that stops it being spent.


This is why this parasite shouldn’t be anywhere near our football club, let alone owning it.
He has no interest in football and would rather spend money on himself while watching his club stagnate.

Having all that money came from the quotes by Wenger and Gazidis that said we could afford any player, and then supposedly making 100m bids for players like Mbappe.
So either we have the money or Wenger and Gazidis are bare face liars.