Theo Walcott


fucking LOL, this twat was mostly a passenger in pretty much all of the good stuff we have accomplished!


^^^^ see what I’m saying? Ungrateful to this stud scoring or assisting every 120 minutes. This year too. Better return than Laca…talk about a passenger.


Walcott > Pires?


When has Wenger been forced to do anything?
Also he invested plenty of money in Xhaka but doesn’t always play him as well as Perez, who was one of his most expensive striker signings who he hardly ever played.


Factually correct but an over simplification and somewhat misleading. £17m is so clearly a pittance these days.

But we’ve done this dance before.


Please AFTT tell us how KDB is not as good as walcott. Walcott aint fit to shine his boots. I would bin walcott and half this squad for a player like KDB!


What the fuck are you playing at inviting more trolling?!


no just saying this is his usual crap its utter madness, but i guess its what he is utterly mad.


You do realise that he is clearly kidding about the comparison


i doubt it, i think its more delusion.


Some of the passes KDB made today were truly Theo Walcott-esque of course nobody will criticize him for how shit he was. Actually today was a very Wlacott like performance. Somehow he lucked into a goal but could hardly control a ball otherwise.


So are they both bad or are they both good?

I don’t get what you’re trying to say there


Depends on what agenda suits me that day tbh.


Ffs :arteta:


Let’s be real here though. When Mesut Özil can steal the ball off you, you have to know you’re doing something wrong.



Yeah, well done Theo. Great contribution :ok_hand:


Just the sheer energy and youthful exuberance Theo emitted from the stands willed Arsenal on to victory today. Must have thrown them all up against the wall prior to the match and threatened them had they lost. #Mycaptain #MAGA #makearsenalgreatagain #futureArsenalmanager


One for you @Arsenal4thetreble :wink: