Theo Walcott


Surely they can’t afford his 140k a week.

Although @InvincibleDB10 players contracts can be appearance based. So given he isn’t playing he might not be earning either.


If only that had been the case with us.
We would have saved a fortune :wink:


As if we do appareance based wages. We’re paying Debuchy £70,000 a week to do fuck all!


I don’t think anyone will beat Diaby for getting paid for not playing.
If he had only got paid for appearances he would have had to get a paper round on the side.


An agent who I believe did the agent deal said we add minutes bonuses into the wages. No one gets paid X amount flat, they’ll get a basic and then bonuses on top. For instance when United won Europa they paid out loads of bonuses. All our players are almost certainly on a top 4 bonus, hence our players always put a shift in when top 4 is in danger.


All clubs do a bonus system though. But most senior players are beyond that - hence why Debuchy didn’t move, he didn’t want to take a pay cut.

The likes of AMN is on a low salary with a decent appearance bonus - hence why we bought him on for 7 seconds the other week, Wenger was trying to be nice! I don’t think Walcott’s salary is as inflated by that kinda thing though. And even if he had a top 4 bonus, he’s still being paid way over the top for what he actually does.


Everyone involved with the business side says contracts are more complicated than X amount. Even someone as big as Ibrahimovic got shedloads of bonuses per goal, trophy wins, appearances.

According to the Football Leaks information, Zlatan’s first five goals are claimed to be worth £47,000-each before rising to £79,000 for the next five, £111,000 for the following five, then £143,000 for five more until his last eight goals pocketed him £119,000-each.


Behind Bale he is still the most successful player Southampton have ever produced :sunglasses:


Inter Milan are rumoured to be after him aswell


He did well with the goal he helped create; played ok today


“OK” doesn’t get us into the Champions League.

I feel like sometimes we treat Walcott like a kid with potential still. “Oh didn’t he do well” with a pat on the head. He’s 28! These little glimpses are all we’re going to get from him, just sell him already. He is West Ham/Newcastle level.


We’re probably in a position where we must sell, because we’re surely not gonna let him run it down and extending him would be crazy.


Fixed that for you, Jade. :slight_smile:


He is our longest serving player and, as @Phoebica said: “we treat Walcott like a kid with potential still.”

He will always have the occasional good game but he is on world class players wages and I would prefer an actual world class player for the sort of money he earns, rather than someone who is ok and is weak physically and mentally.

I used to think he would make it here but after the game where he bottled out of a challenge, and then as captain came out with the statement that they wanted it more than us after playing, I think it was Crystal Palace, I knew he wasn’t up to the job and we should get someone who was up to it.


Giroud is not 28. So you didn’t fix it enough did you :kissing:


Alright Jake chillout


Yeh but since Giroud is slow and won’t decline with age it’s basically as if he were 28.


Walcott is a deadly weapon in a properly functioning squad. If you are expecting him to dictate play our something, you’re mad. Did just fine and was instrumental in our goal today. Should be playing every PL match.




Stop sucking his cock.