Theo Walcott


Guess some american bro is gonna be happy.


Pure greed from Theo just then, should have been passing to Jack.


Yep proper greedy should have passed on more than one occasion - annoying as fck that can be !! Play for the team ffs.


This is what also annoys me about sanchez, plays for self glory most of the time.


Should really just take him off once you get a couple of goals out of him. The rest of his play from that point on was absolutely horrendous.


Yep said it before - Sanchez is the worst for that and then just wastes possession by just fckn chipping it all over the gaff !! Greedy lil bastard !!


With Walcott it’s pretty much score or die.

And even then you could still kill him.


that fucking miss with nobody around him in the box :facepalm:


Even if he scores 30 goals this season, I want him gone.


That performance is exactly why he divides opinions. On the face of it, he got two goals and really, if you haven’t watched the game, you would think he had an excellent one. But, if you watched the game, you know Theo was his usual bumbling, error prone, brainless self. He should have had more goals and he should have created more chances for Giroud and Jack but his decision making is so pathetic, it beggars belief. Theo Walcott for me is nothing more than an impact player. Give him 20 minutes in games that we are struggling to score. Nothing more.


He’s the Europa League Neymar


He was.
This is his level :wink:


Imagine he was this good at the bridge


please for the love of god let there be some truth to this


Who’s going to be in first with the definitive vehicular-based transfer rumour quip…


Arsenal’s 10 minutes from my mum’s and Southampton’s on my way home, so I could have roast beef then drive him there myself. It’d really be no trouble.


be sure to make him at least pay for the petrol and your time, the guy is minted dont let the fucker con you!


:rotating_light:aaaaaaaand it’s Craigie! :rotating_light:


Back to where he belongs.


How are Southampton going to afford his wages?