Theo Walcott


It’s true that Ferguson had players of a similar quality to Walcott but they were very good in their preferred positions, and consistent, and would also always be surrounded by world class players.

Also there is no way Walcott would have become their longest serving player and one of the highest earners.


Yeah not really sure what the point of that statement is anyway… yes, you can sometimes win despite not having WC players through exceptional management or exceptional circumstances or the right mix, balance, and reliance on key WC superstars (like RVP cries), but it doesn’t mean you should want these players…

Its sort of like saying we should just look for LC-type players the year after they won the league… lightning does strike, but it isn’t smart to rely on it.


Already done more than Laca in half the minutes played.


He doesn’t compete with Lacazette for a spot…


That movement too, Laca wishes he was elite like Theo with those runs.


get back to sucking his cock it should keep you quiet!


Better movement than Laca, bigger cock than Lukaku.


He celebrates a goal against Doncaster :xhaka:



Saved our bacon in this Dirtbag Cup thingy.


Basically the same as “if I tell you I’m five minutes away and you believe me then that’s your own personal problem”


Well, no, not really. If you tell someone you’re nearer than you are that’s a lie. Theo doesn’t misrepresent himself. He is what he is but for some reason, even after all this time people still expect more from him than he is capable of.


Stuff like this might have something to do with the lofty expectations.

But in fairness that was 2015 so not all of us were 100% sure Arsene was full of shit.


Even then, you later read the actual quotes and realise in no moment did Wenger actually say that, it’s just express bullshit and one’s own fault if they fall for it.


Yeah, I didn’t actually read the article and still haven’t.

I was using it more as an example of the general perception that Theo would improve (with maturity, by moving to striker or whatever.) Obviously AW has talked him up, what else would he do I suppose, but at his age and with the striker experiment seemingly over Theo has run out of excuses (for most people anyway.) He has his moments. I’ll give him that.


When you compare Walcott and Henry, it’s like Walcott has the occasional great game, but Henry had the occasional bad game.

There is a vast gulf in skill, mental strength and world class ability.

One is a world class player who has consistently performed at the highest level, the other is Theo Walcott.

Another in a long line of players Wenger has persisted with and who has proved not up to being a first team player. yet will continue playing for us, earning world class players wages.


Scored a nice goal but was crap all night. Most of our first team players looked a cut above the Donny players… not Theo!


Best player in the world! #prolific





yup it is definitely contract renewal time!