Theo Walcott


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I’m not really sure where we go from here. :grin:


As has been explained already, they don’t play in the same position. Playing out on the left of a flat midfield four in a 4-4-2 isn’t the same as playing wide right in the formations we’ve been using for almost all of Walcott’s career here. Walcott is 100% a forward, Pires was categorically not a forward.

I don’t want to get bogged down in semantics like people have been with Sanchez, but Walcott and Pires do/did play in different positions.

And as I’ve said, you act very trollishly quite often, you can’t then get indignant when people dismiss you when you’re trying to be serious. Be less of a troll and people won’t dismiss you as being a troll.


JakeyMan ? :grimacing:


Why does Walcott trigger Arsenal fans so much? He has 100 goals for us, from the wing that’s a good achievement.






I was thinking JakeyBro too @Castiel. Or JakeBro perhaps.


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So? He has barely been decisive during his Arsenal career.


I did scroll up, I couldnt find your definition of ‘prolific’, mind helping a guy out?


He bumped into Van Persie today


Hope this snake bites his sorry arse.


Wow, let’s check the Theo thread with 40+ new posts…rumors of West Ham lodging a bid??:grinning:

Nope, just some knuckleheads trolling each other.:sanchez2:


Because. He can’t play football. There would be no difference if they put an actual donkey in place of him on the pitch.


How is this thread still going so strong


Lol you’re so hyperbolic with Theo, in this particular case it’s almost as bad as a4tt’s act just on the other end.

I laughed in real life. Good one, Robincito. :wink: :kissing_heart:


Obviously. But to be honest. He is what I despise in a ‘footballer’. All physical traits and no actual technic, skill or intelligence. It’s terribly frustrating to see.