Theo Walcott


So what? You can have 19 tap ins no involvement in any of the games as such so it is like playing with 10 men (like it is playing with Walcott) and those goals are worthless because the opposition has vastly outscored you. Problem is with Theo is goals doesnt show the entire story because for all the goals he scores he lets the team down in general in so many other ways that he is barely worth having on the pitch. He boasts of his speed but rarely do i see him try to take on a man…he jumps out of tackles loses the ball in terrible areas of the pitch generally he has a football brain of a tadpole which has never gotten better.

It is quite telling that Walcott is getting so many goals from the wing same with Sanchez also (at least Sanchez is prolific and tries to make things happen) so dont you think a better player will not score maybe 25+ instead? Why hoard garbage when better can be found at a snip which can contribute to the whole team far more resulting in more goals anyway and score just as much if not more, face it Walcott should have gone a long time ago he has been here fucking 11 years and still looks as green as when we first bought him as a teenager!


Because he is a very good squad player. You can’t have 22 potential starters on the same level of quality, this is real football and not Fifa.


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Because he is a very good squad player. You can’t have 22 potential starters on the same level of quality, this is real football and not Fifa.
[/quote]I have no problem with him as a squad player but he is on world class player wages and is as good as he is going to get.
I think we could do a lot better for what we pay him.


Arsenal can buy and pay great players despite how money earns Theo, a good squad player. Name me a 19-league-goals squad player better than him.


Can we call a player that started in over 80% of his league appearances (28) a squad player?


140k a week is a lot of money to pay a squad player.


So where are Ozil’s tap ins, Iwobi’s tap ins, Chamberlain’s tap ins, Ramsey’s tap ins, Welbeck’s tap ins? Walcott is a goal scorer, the rest aren’t.

You’re wrong about his footballing brain too. His technique isn’t great but his movement and intelligence is. That’s why he’s scored so many goals for us.

As for footballing brain and losing the ball in terrible areas of the pitch…well it sounds like you’re talking about Alexis.

The opposition out scoring isn’t Theo’s fault because he puts in a decent defensive contribution for a forward.That’s a defensive organisational issue.


Isn’t it actually 110k a week and isn’t that actually market rate given Young, Henderson, Milner, Lingard, Sterling, Sturridge, Stones all get nearly the same or more.

It’s standard homegrown wages and Walcott is better value than most of them.


No he’s on pretty much the same wage as Lingard. That’s the homegrown market, which would you rather have?


The joke is don’t even think Walcott’s a squad player right now, since we switched formation he’s played a total of 95 minutes from a possible 900 which is a small sample size I know but they’re the type of numbers you’d expect a fringe player to be clocking up.


no need to sell any player,we got 4 compition .to fight for xmas.injuries…walcot good squad player.19 league goals.sell him you mad?


Like if he’s such a good squad player whys he only played 95minutes of football since we switched formation ?

Apart from his off the ball movement (which is great) & being clinical what else has he got in his locker ?

Is he good enough to lead the line on his own or play in the half space behind the striker ?


If it was up to me I’d replace Walcott with this guy in a heartbeat.


He’s lightening fast, he’s home grown, gets a fair amount of assists as well as his goals, he’s very effective at keeping attacking full backs on the back foot simply because they are scared of his pace…

Their are plenty of reasons to keep Theo around as long as he’s happy not being a starter


Balde Keita is a guy I think we should try to bring in anyway.


Walcott has lost a good deal of his pace, he doesn’t blow past defenders anymore.

This isn’t 2013.


He’s still rapid, not like he’s had a Micheal Owen type decline


I can’t remember the last time he left someone for dead with his pace.


Part of that is because no-one ever plays a high line against us these days


Especially when Theo is playing