Theo Walcott


I used to think that that too tbh, he was Chelsea’s bane for a period, I remember when we tore them apart 5-3.

Unfortunately Theo’s excellence during that period was nothing more than RVP being one of the finest strikers in the world at the time.


Nevermind Theo, remember that Santos goal? :smile:

How do you go from that to swapping shirts at half time.


I loved Santos, not going to lie. He was a bit of a fat fuck but damn he had some sexy technique.


Same, same. Back when Jenko had a future at Arsenal and Wilshere was captain in waiting.

God damn it.


I’ll never forget that Santos goal because I spent the whole first half calling him a useless fuck. :smile:


LOL :smile:


Then scored a goal and immediately went back to the useless fuck we all came to know!


Typical cynical bast. Sometimes you’ve got to just embrace the samba style and enjoy life.

For all the hate he got we still made top four with him in the team lol.


Walcott, much like Gibbs, is going nowhere I fear. Nice fat contract, still in/around the first team and an outside chance of trophies every year. Why would he give that up for West Ham?


I had nothing against him generally, just that game.


Gibbs though? Aside from captaining the odd league cup game with the kids he is anonymous (could be very ignorant there), he’s surely got to have some ambition and go at some point. Palace is my initial thought.



Monreal could be this year’s injury victim and Kolasinač looks like he’s nutted a few refs in his time. Gibbs could still talk himself into staying, I doubt Wenger will force him out


Would there be much harm in that? I mean Gibb’s lack of ambition is one thing but he strikes me as quite a shy and timid individual in a high profile sport. I remember reading his brother saying he had quite a hard time with people coming up to him and knowing who he was.

If he’s willing and comfortable to be 2nd, borderline 3rd choice, I guess we could do worse. Saying that I have no idea what wages he’s on. Theo on the other hand seems to think he can dictate terms to a fine club like Arsenal and for that I will never warm to him as a player or person.

  1. A similarly large contract. West Ham have money and want to spend it on a forward, and medium sized teams can afford to pay one or two players around the 100k mark.
  2. More years on said contract than he has here.
  3. Practically guaranteed first team football in the season preceding a world cup when he’s been unceremoniously dropped from the international squad for not playing enough or well enough.
  4. Gets to stay in London and not uproot his family.

A move to West Ham seems feasible to me tbh


But it’s West Ham…


Yeah which is Theo’s level, should be the 3rd highest paid player at West Ham not at Arsenal :cry:


He could be a first team player at any club not in the top six.
He would do well at clubs like Everton, Newcastle, West Ham or even at his old club Southampton, and he would be guaranteed first team football.

It’s astonishing that he is one of our highest earners and our longest serving player, yet is often on the bench.




Depth is great but we’ve overstretched ourselves with the BritishCore gamble that backfired, and having depth sat on £90k+ a week (conservative estimate) is not helping our cause