Theo Walcott


If this guy had balls he’d be lethal


Such a fucking pussy


He’s better than KDB though!!! :joy::joy:


i so badly want this guy gone, but Wenger will point to the fact that he gives us 20 goals a season, problem is he does this for cannon fodder teams with the majority tap ins, but his overall contribution to the team etc is so fucking poor most times your better off playing with 10 men because if he isnt playing at least he doesnt square balls up to the fucking opposition or put us in dangerous situations with his pussyassed decisions and his overall stupidity.


Just such a limited footballer, amazing that he has 19 goals in all comps this season.


Im a big fan but he had a bad game tonight. I think he is the odd man out in this 3 man at the bacm formation. Is more suited to a 422. Anyways he’s still a great goal scorer amd his stats show he’s better than KDB. Speaking of which was complete shit against us with Ox of all ppl shutting him down.


Eh no they don’t.


Lol eye test says no, stats say yes tbh.


He lacks the tenacity to be a truly great forward. Welbeck, for his lack of goals still suits that role better given that he ‘puts himself about a bit’ and gives you about as much goal threat as Theo would for a full 90.



Hope he puts in for a transfer


I enjoy Arsenal much more when this guy isn’t involved. Stay locked on that bench Theo :+1:


It’s the World Cup next summer. Given that Theo is already an in and out shake it all about kind of player where the England team is concerned, I’d suggest a move may be the best thing for him if he wants to go to Russia next June.

Perhaps Liverpool could pay us £35m for him instead of Ox?


Can see him playing for West Ham


Why would we ever sell the original KDB?


Funnily enough I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday.


If you’re Walcott (much like Ramsey) your motivation for leaving Arsenal is practically zero in the forseeable future. He loses out with the formation change but I can’t see Wenger persisting with it next season.

I don’t know how you could prise the pair of them away from the club, short of a regime change or a big change in their personal circumstances.

Chamberlain is the one who is rumoured to actually want out despite seeing his profile rise significantly this season.



Anyone think this guys days at the club are starting to be numbered now? He has barely played since we used the 3-4-3 formation and doesnt seem to be trusted in important games much anymore.


He had a good season individually with 19 goals but we’ve been playing much better without him. Should sell if he wants to make the World Cup.