Theo Walcott


He’s upgradeable but probably not the biggest of our concerns for now. Should never be a nailed on starter IMO. Someone like Mane would have improved on him. He’s good when Cazorla, Ozil and Alexis are all out there.


Was it this video? What a player, eh. :joy:


Pretty sure alexis hasn’t started up front since Theo has been out, I wonder if it’s just because giroud has been ripping it up from about the same time or wether wenger thinks Theo needs to be playing if alexis is gonna start up front

The one game I can remember we played with Sanchez up front and played really badly was against hull when we nicked it in the last minute, Anyone know if Theo started on the right in that game?


Apparantely the most frustrating player in the history of the club signed for the club on this day in 2006.


Its a good question. I made the point about one of the challenges with Alexis going up top is that we leave out perhaps our 3rd best attacking player in Ollie… we simply don’t have good enough options for our wide attacking positions with Sanchez shifting up top.

I’m not complaining about Sanchez playing striker, just that the side effect of that is we have crap on the wings.


Also people go on about alexis being our best striker forgetting he is also our best winger


Where is this guy, still injured?


I don’t really get frustrated watching him be more productive than anyone on our team bar Özil and Sanchez. I especially don’t get frustrated seeing him score big goals for us in big games.


Probably referring to the fact in his 10 years at the club he’s only hit double figure league goals once if Im not mistaken.


He’s only played about 12,000 minutes in 10 years because of injuries. When he’s fit he produces, end of.


Not being durable is no help to the side though, being durable is a massive component to be a key player.


Lol okay so first it was that he didn’t produce enough. Once that was disproven, now the knock on him is he’s not durable enough :joy:


The facts are his scored 10 goals + in the league once in 10 seasons. What top club would persist for that long with a player like that being a key component of the squad ? :joy:


His 11 years with us have been good but the expectations were big. Walcott was what Donnarumma is now for AC Milan, but unfortunately the injuries and lack of mental qualities have stopped a playee with all the qualities to be like Gareth Bale.

I wish him to win a PL with us to write his name in our history.


Because it’s not necesarilly about that lmao are you seriously this dense or do you just have an agenda against Arsene and the club that everything in your eyes has to be shit? Theo in his career per minute is on par with your cock boi KDB in his goals/assists, professional football people persist with Theo for a god damn reason. He is a terror to deal with and he scores goals and makes plays because he’s quality. He’s been injured a lot, fine, but when he’s playing he makes us very very dangerous. For me we’ve played our best football with him out on the right, closing down opponents and causing havoc. Either you don’t know what you are looking at during a football match, or you’ve just got a hard on to criticize anything and everything to do with AFC, or you are just a sheep and let other people form opinions for you. Maybe all three at the same time.


Walcott is still average.

A decent half season and your acting like he’s Gareth Bale lol


You are both right imo.

@Aussiegooner has it spot on in the sense that theo isnt always firing on all cylinders. Be it through fitness or the contract business. Depending on him as a key first choice player isnt necessarily smart. And for the duration of a season we shouldnt have a sub par backup like Oxlade as our go to, when our rivals DO have consistantly fit and performing players ready and willing.

However @Arsenal4thetreble is equally spot on in that theo is a beast that not only gets results, but can perform to the highest level.

If you want to know why Wenger, and Arsenal as a whole persist with Walcott, i defer to what Messi himself said, and i quote “I can only speak from experience but he was one of the most dangerous players I have ever played against. Barcelona players are not scared easily but I can tell you that when we played Arsenal last season he truly worried us.”

If the greatest player of all time (come at me) offers that sort of praise, then he could be Diaby level injured for all i care. I want him here, and i want him on 100k a week, or what ever the fuck he wants. We make enough money and have enough people in the squad to handle that shit.


He is back in training so he is alive.


It’s so typically Arsenal for one of our fans to offer a defence of one of our serially underperforming superstars based on words a much better player said about him

I remember Phil Lahm saying how good Arsenal were before they beat us. Then repeating it before they beat us the year after. And again a few years after that.



You’re such a gullible poster.