Theo Walcott


Just get Cech to give Theo long high balls to control, and he’ll score every time.
I’m a winger I’m a striker, I’m a winger.
Meh , who cares? I’m crap at both.


Cazorla could do that whilst in surgery


I think I could do that myself.


Next target = Reach 20 goals by May and she’ll buy you a Coffee factory :wink:


Really Nice finish from Theo.


Impressed, I am not.


Theo is a limited footballer, Im just happy he finished off that move.


Meanwhile Arsenal4thetreble:


More importantly for stat nerds, that’s 100 club goals for Theodore and he joins other club heroes like van Persie in achieving that feat


He has 10 goals now, crazy to think people wanted him sold in the summer.


Not really that crazy to think tbh, Theo is, or should be a sellable player for a club like Arsenal, but the way he was talked about by the majority of Arsenal fans was pretty embarrassing.


The way Theo played last season was the only embarrassing thing about the whole situation.


Important player, not sellable. Sure he can be frustrating but only Alexis has scored more.


Nope. That’s career goals hes still 5 off for the Arsenal.


Better than KDB.


Me and my alter ego LT really need to get together with you and see if we can up your trolling abilities a bit.


Ya know usually I’d scoff at this but doing the double of Hipster and Troll of the year is mighty impressive, i guess i’ve got to put my ego aside and listen to you now cuellarito.


Robin said club tbf, not Arsenal. That means not international, any Southampton goals would be included in such a stat.

Edit: ah, the following sentence does make it sound like it’s just Arsenal. My bad


You’d nearly think RVP came from Southampton for us. Took the cunt nearly a decade to start actually playing football.


Really good finish today. Has Giroud been teaching him how to do those cute near post finishes