Theo Walcott


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Everyone of the obvious names out there? Except for a Ribery who is a real ‘creator’ imo.


Give that man whatever money he wants


He’s scored double figure league goals once in his career.


Very rarely has he not missed large chunks of entire seasons as well. He’s only played about 4 full seasons of minutes in his career.


Correct which is part of the reason he can’t be relied upon.


I don’t think I’ve ever said we can rely upon him, just that he’s a great player when fit. Which everyone conveniently just forgot about. Until now of course.


Messi is great. Ronaldo is great. Aguero is great. Theo Walcott is not great.


I’d define Theo as a limited impact player.


I’m honestly struggling to think of names aside from Messi, Bale, Fekir, Reus, and Neymar who do both things…let’s hear yours.


Ahh perfect example of the type of football fans who inhabit the internet.


I would have added Fekir and Reus to your original list, but I see you ninja-edited your post. Robben comes to mind too, Muller on his own Suarez-esque way.


Müller dribbling? Yeah, Robben is a fair add. Still, I think my point is kinda made, you said there’s tonnes of players, yet that is an extremely exclusive list we’ve come up with…

Haven’t seen such an obvious case of projection since Tony Soprano.


What might that type be?


Tonnes? I literally said ‘there are players out there…’. The tonnes are just you putting words in my mouth. Yeah. I follow, I doubt you do that too btw, all of the football that is played on the European continent.

Even if that list is limited, the point of us being able to improve on the limitations Walcott has still stands, because those players are out there.


Yeah, apologies, I thought I had read you said plenty.

Well, I’m certainly down for us to add Reus or Fekir, but until we do that, I’m certainly not going to hate on Walcott’s contribution. You’ll notice that of the players we named on that list, not one belongs to an english club.

As for the comment about all the football that is played on the European continent, and doubting that I do too…not even sure I know how to respond. Congrats, I guess? I follow as I feel like it, it’s not my job, funnily enough, though, I’m the one who’s come up with the list.


I didn’t gave names in the first place, because you were fishing.

For the amount of hate ‘poachers’ get on this forum, not per se by you, it’s a little ironic how highly rated Walcott is, because in essence he does the same. Walcott is very useful. But not more than that imo.

Football is not just about production, but entertainment plays a part too. Watching a donkey trip over his own feet can get frustrating.


Do poachers get hate? Jesus I love a goal poacher. I grew up on ian wright at the height of his powers sure. :slight_smile:


Or its just an example of someone who uses superlatives differently to you.

I don’t even know what the internet angle of your post really means. I’ve not come across comments on the internet that you couldn’t hear being put forward by some moron stood next to you whilst queueing for a beer in the stadium or in a pub before or after the match.

Negative people who used to sit around me in Block 10 say things that would make @morrisc311 blush.


The thing is though Walcott’s runs and movement are really a massive part of our attack because he’s the only player who consistently gets into goal scoring positions. That becomes even more important with Alexis dropping deep and not making runs into the box as Theo moves into his CF space. If he keeps making those runs he’ll score 20 plus this season. He’s essential to the chemisty of the team. Reus and Fekir are obviously more talented players but I’m not sure if their movement is nearly as good as Theo’s. As for running with the ball and putting a final ball in, Theo has had good assist stats over the years.