Theo Walcott


I thiught the linesman was poor often flagging 5 seconds late . Im convinced theres someone calling them into the pitch through the earpiece cos it happens all the time . Theo though does go early and hes was so much faster than their backline he could have delayed .


At least twice he was through when onside. The refereeing of offside decisions is a huge frustration for me, because almost always when it’s a clever, unexpected ball or run, it’s flagged offside precisely for that reason, because just like the defence, the linesman wasn’t expecting it. When it’s a more obvious ball/not reverse ball, or when the defensive line is even, they are much more accurate with the decision.

Would really like to see technology used…


This is beyond silly. What the hell is an “awful” goal?


He’s just sore because he’s realising what I said to him about Theo being more useful to the team than Ramsey is true.


You have to praise Walcott here really despite those comedy misses. He’s not the elite finisher some would believe, but apart from the post and a keeper lucking out with his positioning, he’d have 4 from this game.

Fuck England quite frankly, if the national team issue is somehow winding him up to play better for us then great. Seems more relaxed for us anyway than with the national team.


Nobody has said Theo is a world class player but he is an underrated player and was clearly useful to the squad which is why I defended him from the start and he’s proving people wrong now


He’s had other good periods but he has also had shambolic periods and injured/recovering periods… and he is a pure stat player who really struggles against organized, deep defenses… too many important games he has completely wilted and while I am thrilled at his current form, I think people who have doubted he has the quality or mentality for Arsenal (including me) are not really being unreasonable. And given that he has faded or gotten injured before, I am praying this current run continues, b/c we need it.

If Theo fails, we are left with nobody on the right unless Giroud/Perez can take striker back and Iwobi can shift to the right effectively (which leaves us with exactly one quality player in all 3 key attacking positions).


We get it already.


I’ve not seen you say this anywhere whatsoever, I don’t believe you. Now if you had been harping on for weeks about how he is brilliant and, oh, how fast and a good goal scorer he is, I’d make you right.


The absence of basis winger skills, as in the one-v-one, is just a limiting factor on our offensive play. There are players out there who can pick position in the box, like Theo, and create something with the ball at their feet, like Theo can’t. Something which gets obvious when he plays for England. For our forward line to become more well-rounded we’re going to need more complete winger.


She & A4tt have indeed defended Theo.
A4tt for trolling purpose and Her for fangirl purposes; but defended, they did.


Ive said it before but I will say it again Theo hasn’t proved anyone wrong unless he delivers for a full season until May.


Over his whole career he averages a goal or assist every 85 minutes of football, he’s done it his whole career fuck a season


Guess he has been the best english goalscorer in these first two months. Keep it up Theo :ozil2:


Are there? Can you name them, I’m interested to think who you think falls into this category. I can’t think of too many.


[quote=“Trion, post:392, topic:89”]
She & A4tt have indeed defended Theo.
A4tt for trolling purpose and Her for fangirl purposes; but defended, they did.

I think @YJYUX 's sarcasm has flown over your head :gunnersaurus:


A4TT was at least 50 percent fan girl purposes too.


You forgot me pal.

@Mysty another episode in the epic saga of “Trion Struggling with Sarcasm (& Memes)”.


Was traveling when i read that comment