Theo Walcott


Two good goals and two great misses. The same old Theo!


He scored the harder ones and missed the easy chances. Oh well he’s still scoring!


Fair to say I was right about Walcott now, been in unstoppable form. 7 goals


Ox would have had 2 assists. Theo however was good again.


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Fair to say I was right about Walcott now, been in unstoppable form. 7 goals


Ahem…I think you mean WE were right about Theo.

By the way @Aussiegooner Theo now with 5 goals and 3 assists. KDB with 3 goals 5 assists. So the original point I was making still stands. That Theo gives us just as much output as KDB would. Not once did I ever say he was better, but that Theo is very productive. And this isn’t a small sample size BTW it’s pretty consistent with what Theo has done his entire career per minute. As of now a goal or assist every 85 minutes for Walcott.


No one is right about Theo until he steps up consistently for a full season, especially post Xmas.


KDB has been injured and all this output shit is moot since they play in different positions.

Walcott is doing very well, however, we’re not even half way through the season FFS.


KDB would probably have had about 4 today if he played for us.


They’ve played almost the same amount of minutes this season fyi. And my initial comments were along the lines of “they are very different players who don’t even play the same position but their output is not all that different.” And that turned into me saying Theo is better and I’d rather have him on my team etc. And I guess you ignored the part in my initial post saying it’s not really a knee jerk or I told you so because Theo has been doing this throughout his career lol. He’s always had an impact similar to what he’s doing now when he’s not injured. It’s a goal ad assist every 85 minutes ATM but historically its a goal or assist every 120 minutes.


lol c’mon treble, I’m all for defending Theo against the over the top opinions he regularly attracts but once you start with this De Bruyne stuff you’re just talking total shit haha.


Was I wrong?


It’s a bit of a pointless comparison. It’s the same as saying he’s more productive as Ozil, but we all know Ozil is much more important for us than Walcott.


Well done on scoring two awful goals and missing 10 easy chances.


He gets into goal scoring positions and he was vital in securing three points yet again.

Absolute joy to watch us beat our bogey team. He is just terrifying to play against, I think he is instinctively absurely good at positioning and it’s really showing, however he really does need to iron out his composure.

He may miss simple chances but as long as he still pops up and bangs goals in then I’m happy. Let’s hope he gets a good feature on MOTD.


No such thing as an awful goal. And he’s only getting chances because he’s making great runs. Alexis Sanchez take note.




Theo and KDB shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence but lets just hope Theo ends this year with 15+ league goals and 10 + assists.


We saw good thei and bad theo yesterday 2 goals 2 misses and a number of infuriating offsides


The offsides were contentious; as for the misses weren’t all clipping the crossbar and coming off the inside post but just roll back out.