The Syrian Situation Thread (general discussion on Syria)


Franz Ferdinand is currently trending on twitter in the UK…







WWIII begins?


The Russkies were pre-warned. WWIII is not happening…yet. :wink:


Dear God! They are gonna repeat what they did with Gheddafi, aren’t they?


War games. :giroud:


Surprise surprise! Israel and Turkey are happy. Who would have guessed it?


They couldn’t coax the US into the fight with the first chemical false flag. They needed to wait until a buffoon was in office for it to work.


This has become silly and any rational human with a functioning brain would see this as a another shit attempt. Last time I checked he gave up his chemical weapons when Obama asked. Plus he was winning the war why would he suddenly do that while winning?


When you have a complicit media, even a stupid attempt like this will work.