The Rugby Thread


Have some of that @Bavin :smiley:


Congrats @shamrockgooner fantastic game of rugby.

And in typical fashion, not so great from my boys against asutralia yet again. Haven’t beaten them in 8 games.


England v France
Not going to plan, very scrappy. 6-9 good pen, from Farrell



This is a bit of bump, take it’s there not many rugby fans here :laughing:

Went to my local pub to watch the final Lions game. Bit of an anti-climax with it ending in a draw, but it was a fantastic game and series. Already can’t wait until the next series!


Saw some of the 2nd game when I was away and watched most of the last game at home

A great series and thank god for a dodgy ref at the end lol

Should of been a penalty to the All Blacks at the end, although that was no guarantee that Barrett would of kicked it


Great day watching the oval ball yesterday. Watched England Tonga in the RL world cup semi final at 5 in the morning breath taking end to the game.
Followed that with Scotland demolishing the Aussies at Murrayfield. Then watched the All Blacks do their annual job on Wales. Just about had enough energy to then watch the highlights of Englands win over Samoa.
Not one feigned injury all day. Oh well guess that can get put right today when the footballs on.


Managed to get over for the weekend and go to the Wales v New Zealand game, expected result really. We’ve stagnated so much under Warren Gatland. Feels like we’re the Arsenal of rugby.
Good day out all in all though, what a result for Scotland!




Fucking great game too. As was Ireland Wales :slight_smile:


rugby eh…who watches that utter crappy dross :henry2:




meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh :henry2:


I stopped caring about the rugby when we lost to Scotland a few weeks ago, just like a true rugby fan :sunglasses:

@shamrockgooner I guess Dublin is just a little lively tonight with you guys winning the grand slam…at Twickenham… on St Patrick’s Day!



I’m in my house. :slight_smile:


Another enjoyable afternoon watching rugby over football. Every tackle with intent and no simulation all day long.
No whingeing about the refs by the managers afterwards either.