The Randomly Nothing thread


Awesome fanbase. :joy:


I wanna know what club has the most middle aged fans yelling C•nt and iP•ta! to the corner taker.


Embarrassing really. Wish our fan base had some class/dignity.


Wonder if they just waited for Arsenal to be top of this list to publish it.


Ah that’s very true. I just looked at it again and noticed they only collected the data for one month, which coincided with our falling apart at anfield. Would like to see it collected over a longer period.


It will correlate directly with size of fanbase over the longer term unless you’re telling me that a person from X is in anyway predisposed to be a better fan than a person from Y



Wow how innovative and groundbreaking


this looks weird as fuck lol. Will take a while to get used to!!


If only someone had thought of it sooner.


Give it another ten years maybe Tim. :slight_smile:


Bad idea. Don’t wanna see essays everywhere on TL


Same. Facebook bores me enough with that. I like the simplicity of Twitter.




I would imagine the majority of those would be after every transfer window.


You know when you trip over or drop something or whatever you kind of gasp? I just did that but the gasp went through my nose and I did a little snort, Has anyone ever done that before?

I don’t think it’s ever happened to me before and it wasn’t fucking weird




We’re 15th in the Brexit Premier League


Not sure which Stoke fans they polled considering how the vote went there


Probably the only 3 literate men in Stoke.