The Randomly Nothing thread


Is that a vape I see? :eyes:

P.S. congrats mate :ok_hand:t3:


Ta mate :+1:

The vape represents an unsuccessful attempt to quit smoking, should probably get back on it despite how much stick they attract lol


Definitely random…


hmmmm reminds me of when flintoff went into boxing…probably will end the same way too, him being utter shit at it and been beaten to a pulp.


…and as such I would support him fully in his new venture :+1: Brap brap Rio


Can’t wait for this to crash and burn.


Miss the hangover thread. :frowning: It’s 11:45 on Monday and I’m still hungover from the weekend. Used to be after playing football on Sunday I was new again. It’s awful getting old and I think I need to move to england where you go home to sleep earlier and the woman are worse looking (amirite @Robin_L lad?) if I’m going to keep earning a living. My brain is moving so slowly that I just had to put ganarse la vida into google translate to get earn a living to make this sentence. And I’m a translator and a native english speaker. Fucking brexit.



I like the way it says: "would be ideally placed to detect and observe the Earth."
Because if they were any where else there would be something in the way to obscure their view.




lol wtf did I just watch. Not that I expected Morgan Freeman to be a political scientist, and obviously some of his points are valid to some degree, but I did expect him to not be a tool stuck in the political climate of the 50’s lol.

Thinking about it I actually I have no idea why I expect a person who plays good guys in Hollywood movies to know anything about the world/politics. I guess that makes me an idiot as well :smiley: lol


Unfortunately Morgan Freeman ruined himself to me a while ago.

Another guy stuck a bit in the cold war


Great in March of the Penguins tho :slight_smile:


The things you find doing track inspections :eyes:


Always loved whack-a-mole!


Or the things you lose doing track inspections. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Very well played



:joy: Fucking realistic aswell


This is superb, look at the Arsenal number :joy: