The Randomly Nothing thread


More people buying Mane shirt than Messi in the UK… wtf.


Do they still charge by letter? People can be a bit tight with their cash, especially in Liverpool!


I’m pretty certain they just sit around at break time and make this shit up.


scientists have to have some easy work. How often do you hear them talk about ‘science’ some stuff chucked together and then at the end of it have a quote ‘the science behind it is’ or ‘its science’ and then year later somehow the science has changed or they realised what they said before is not true at all and ‘the new science is’ the ‘last science was flawed’


I mean, the point of science is that it is open to change based on new evidence. I’d be more worried if scientists fanatically stuck to their views regardless of developments, rather than criticising them for changing their position.


Science can, does and should change. I really don’t have a problem with that.

I just think talking about planets that Aliens could potentially watch us from is fucking ridiculous and pointless. That’s just me though. If you’re into it good for you.


Nope not into the alien stuff either think it’s bs



D’ya know him, like? :joy:

Those accents tho… :heart_eyes:


Well I know of him. He’s a YouTube guy and it’s not real. Although he may well actually be from Galway and feel that way :slight_smile:


The acting is terrible


That’s kind of the whole point.


Where @Mysty at? Has he taken a holiday?


Brits abroad in Kentucky Fight Club!


The typical British tourists. I’m sorry to say but there’s always that brawling guy from Manchester in every damn holiday resort around the Mediterranean.


Yeah they’re so representative of British tourists abroad, everywhere you go. From Macchu Pichu to Pisa, there is always a fat drunk Englishman taking a swing at another one.


It’s fucking annoying that wherever you go as an Englishman you feel you’re being judged by the standards set by stupid cunts like this lot


Benidorm…enough said.

I’ve been once, never fucking again.


Talking about Englishmen.
For work purpose couple of your lot visited my workplace.

I have never met a Spurs fan in my life & life being a cruel bastard that it is, the one time Arsenal finish below Tottenham, I meet not one but two Spurs fans. Horrible fucking year.

Thank goodness for FA cup.
Decent chaps otherwise.





Celebrating my fifth anniversary with my girlfriend today, this was my little gift from her :heart_eyes: