The Randomly Nothing thread


FIFY :grin:


At the end, yeah correct, last text was last night from me at like half eleven after work, she’s been online a couple times not even blue ticks and just not replied, writings on the wall there. I just do not get it, I’ve never have a girl be that openly filthy with me considering how beautiful she was haha


Alright so the way I would go about this is put the ball firmly in her court. You said she’s going away somewhere on vacation? I’d just hit her up maybe in a couple days if she doesn’t reply and tell her you hope she has a good time on vacation or whatever and to hit you up again when she gets back so you guys can get together again. So it’s up to her after that. It’s a Hail Mary because you never know what could be going on in her personal life, but yeah at this point it doesn’t look so good my dood. GOOD LUCK BROTHER, I’m pulling for you!




On many sides



The only thing to do is to to find out where she works and turn up unannounced and ask her.


I’ll text you where she works you can do it for me


@Cristo would steal her from you


Yes! Whatever happens don’t text her! I’ve been in your shoes on a couple of occasions and I’ve never been cool but you must stay strong brother.

When pursuing a girl, always follow the golden rule. If she fancies you, she will always initiate contact. If she doesn’t and you want her to fancy you, don’t look needy and be cool. If it doesn’t work, just move on. Sounds easier said than done, I know, but it’s the only way. :smiley:



Was asked who he supports. Legend like him more now :sunglasses:


Can’t like anything today. Been placed in likes jail for liking too much yesterday. :sanchez2:



The mouth was already there and I couldn’t resist


Amazing. :joy:


Pretty shitty night if he didn’t get any afterwards. :joy:


Brilliant haha :arteta:


Yeah you made that clear, but if it had not been that time of the month you would have. Then she would have been out fucking another guy a week later. Like i said i know you caught feelings but you dodged a bullet imo.


According to Sports Direct Alexandre Lacazette has been the fourth most popular football shirt to buy in the UK this summer.


Wow people were buying Zlatan shirts whilst he was a free agent lol


Is it bad I looked through that list twice and didn’t see an Arsenal player. Then read the part about Laca underneath…