The Randomly Nothing thread


You could save us both plenty of time if you could just elaborate your side.


I perceived you as being a tad too obtuse for me to think you were being objective.

If you want to ascertain the answer then fine, but it sounds like you just disagree with a global phenomenon and want to down play it, along with anyone that accepts it is what it is.

Electronic sports are called so for a reason. It really doesn’t tske mental gymnastics to understand why it is called an e-sport and not a sport.


which one?


Not being obtuse, I am open to having my mind changed.
Please elaborate.
So far it seems, you want me to blindly follow a trend without attempting to question it.

Fair enough, I will presumably try to understand why it is called e-‘sport’ rather than sport.
So what?
Why should it be included in Olympics which is primarily about traditional sports?

I would like to mention that I work for a firm which also runs Cobx, a gaming event firm in India.
I am not completely without exposure. Infact I am visible to inner workings and gosh the players involved certainly shouldn’t be called athletes.


You alluded to this yourself, the olympics isn’t entirely made up of traditional sports. In keeping with modern times why wouldn’t e-sports be allowed to become a category for competition there?

The training, skill and mental fortitude required to compete at the top level of online gaming is easily comparable to plenty of other competitive sporting and Olympic events. With recent advancements in VR, you will find very quickly games become just as physically demanding as shooting, archery and much more.

The speed and hand to eye co-ordination alone isn’t even remotely similar to anything else.

In reality what online gaming has spawned is an entirely new genre of competition in being an ‘e-sport’, designed to be side by side with ‘sport’ and not above or beneath it.


I was thinking about this.
If this is in line, then I will be all for it.

I even see football eventually adopting this method to avoid injuries.


Why are girls such head fucks honestly, went on a date with this stunning, absolutely stunning girl, had a hotel, few drinks, she was all over me etc etc, then now she’s just gone so quiet on me one text back every ten hours or so, I just don’t get it at all.


Yeah girls are weird :sunglasses:

Perhaps she is playing hard to get. Or maybe she doesn’t think you have enough in common. Ask her on another date, see what she says.


She’s going to zante before thered be time for another, I just gotta cool off I guess just a girl like that will have a thousand options easily


Tell me about it, it’s hard work being beautiful, I’m constantly fighting off guys :sunglasses:

But seriously, cooling off is probably the best way to go. You don’t want to look too keen. She might just be a bit nervous or really busy. If the messages stop altogether then you’ll know she just isn’t into you - there are plenty more fish in the sea.


I suggest going to her house and waiting on her door step to see what the fucks going on.


Haha I’m sure you have your fair share… There certainly are plenty for sure but like her, quite rare actually, and someone that stunning and equally down to earth has never given me a chance before so yeah, disappointing


She’s testing you on her clingometer, don’t fall for it


She’s going zante for a week do I just not text until she does? Like why be literally all over me then like this, girls are so flaky (most not all)


Some women are like men. They want to hit it and quit it. If you’ve already sent messages and she’s not replied I’d just leave it and wait for her to contact you again. You can’t appear to be desperate it’s a turn off. Stupid games I know…but unfortunately that’s what you gotta do sometimes.




What then just not reply at all, if someone’s interested they’d message wouldn’t they but she’s hot she’ll defo play games


You could send no texts or a thousand texts and the outcome will be the same dude.


Not true! Because she honestly could be busy or something could be going on and if he’s too gung ho at this point he could fuck it all up. It’s true you probably can’t improve the situation but you can definitely make it worse.

Having dated a lot of women in my life, in my experience what Dan says does have a lot of truth though. I’ve had that happen where the first date is perfect, a lot of physicality, and then nothing. That’s why I say sometimes Women can be a lot like men.

So just to be clear, she’s responding to your messages, but very infrequently?


Don’t lie :wink: