The Randomly Nothing thread


Bloody hope so. Might as well give me the gold medal now :sunglasses:


I’ll be cheering you on from an armchair, or maybe a bar stool if they show it on Sky Sports in the local Pub.


E-sports has been a global phenomenon for well over 10 years. Been wondering when sky were going to dip a toe in the pond.

Warcraft 3 world finals (for example) were exciting as fuck back in the day, I implore anyone with a bit of time to kill that enjoys the gaming scene to Google it.

A pre-requisite knowledge of the Warcraft 3 mechanics would help, top players were called ‘moon’, ‘sky’ and ‘grubby’. It’s almost inconceivable how good they were.


I don’t understand why people want to knock e-sports. Well I do but I think it’s silly.

The point of sport for me is you play it, enjoy it, understand your limits, then appreciate the ability it takes to be performed at the elite level and enjoy seeing it. The reason I like football is because I played it a lot, was very shit, and appreciate some of the shit players like Ozil can do are impossible for normal humans.

I bet there are more people in the UK who’ve played FIFA and appreciate how difficult it is to be world class than people who’ve tried inaccessible sports like sailing or showjumping. It requires many of the same (or even more) abilities that a lot of olympic sports do.

If darts, snooker, curling, shooting, archery, equestrian are sports then there’s no reason games shouldn’t be in the same sort of category. I think once it gets big it’ll just become a way of life in the future.


Basti got REKT.


A pig? :cech:


The video game industry is MASSIVE. It generates ridiculous amounts of money thus allowing e-sports to grow naturally. Anything that can draw sponsors and have a huge fanbase will make money without even trying. E-sports prize pools are in the millions now.


I know a guy (fellow Bulgarian) who became a millionare last week playing Dota 2. His team won some tournament and he got $2 million after tax as a result of it.

The prize money for that tournament was $24 million. For comparison, the prize money for the forthcoming US Open tennis tournament is about twice as big ($50 million). Given what a huge sport event a grand slam is, it puts in perspective how much e-sports have grown and it is going to become much bigger.


Just because it makes money, doesn’t mean we should modify the definition of sports and athleticism; just like how I don’t agree with Golf as sports.
There should be some level of physical exertion for it to be qualified as ‘Sport’.

It is Gaming. Call it Gaming. Have a separate competition.

If Dancing starts making millions in competition, Would we then consider it as an Olympic sport?


Using your own logic Dancing qualifies quite easily.


Good thing we are adults who don’t need to be too literal, understand the context & apply the logic where it should be applied.


Used to play a fair bit of counter strike 1.6/source back in the day. Watching the top teams then and even highlighting key players was truly immersive, especially when you’re in the community etc.

Miss that game so bad :giroud3:


Horse dancing is in the Olympics. Enough said


You can try to spin it all you want but it is really through no fault of my own that you tried to dismiss gaming as lacking “physical assertion” and then tried to back up your argument by listing and activity that is all physical.

For example you could have said if Shooting makes millions in a competition, would we then consider it as an Olympic sport? Oops, it already is.


That is assuming I formulated a complete water tight definition of ‘Sport’.
I didn’t. I referenced one key element out of many in my mind.
It was definitely not a statement on which I want to distinguish activities because physical exertion is done in many ways as it is too vague of a statement.

Masturbation is a physical exertion.

By my ‘logic’, that becomes a sport.
Obviously as adults we don’t have to imply that it isn’t.

I never said I agree with sports listed by Olympics. There are so many addition which have made Olympics a complete farce; shooting is one of them and “Esport” would be another such addition.


You said that the definition of sport and athleticism shouldn’t be amended in order to make gaming a sport. You proceeded by saying that according to your understanding of sport, it should involve physical activity and athleticism. You then supported that argument with dancing, which by all definitions of sport that you can think of, can be listed as a sport and lots of people consider it a sport although it is mostly, widely accepted as art. There is nothing unadultish in me questioning you over that comparison.

You can compare dancing to synchronized swimming, gymnastics and lots of other sports (Olympic ones too). You can’t however compare dancing to masturbation. But you keep doing your thing.


Since we are arguing over semantics and not regarding why gaming shouldn’t be considered a sport; I concede this discussion.


Which is probably masturbation.


I like how Trion has moved on from stalking women, to now being an advocate for masturbation in the olympics.


At least it’s a sport he enjoys and he’s always going to come first.