The Randomly Nothing thread


@discobot fortune Are we going to win Rivalry of the Year?


:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now


the amount of likes given out could beat the fa cup final day


probably not because he doesn’t see you as a rival, you’re not on his level


No chance.


try telling old discobot that


@discobot fortune is Wenger gonna do a madness


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


Thread of the year? Moment of the year?

Something of the year, surely.


And there was me thinking of not having the Troll award this year :laughing: What an absolute savage bastard it is.


you will have to ask discobot


I quite like him. He should defo win personality of the year :grin:




If @Mysty shuts it off he can kiss admin of the year goodbye :joy:


he’s better then mystic meg


We would normally never show you stuff from the mod section but I can exclusively reveal this:

Fucking wonderful


@Mysty you didn’t mention this guy when you told me what’s new in the update


[quote=“Leper, post:1095, topic:366”]
If @Mysty shuts it off he can kiss admin of the year goodbye :joy:
[/quote]Discobot has officially ruined OA for me :hipster:


@discobot fortune is the mod section full of cunts?


:crystal_ball: Most likely