The Randomly Nothing thread


Tomatoes are a fruit.


bananas are berries


I’m a lot of shitty things but not half english lol.


How does that work?
Isn’t like saying “I’m half retard”?


Yes, that’s exactly like it.

See Merriam-Webster:

adjective re·tard·ed \ri-ˈtär-dəd
Popularity: Top 20% of words

Definition of retarded
sometimes offensive
: slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development, English : characterized by mental retardation


i.e. Northern Irish


The legend returns! anyone getting it? it has a 2017 version of Snake!


I’ve been saying they should do this for ages but by the looks of it they’ve done it wrong, No android and therefore no apps. Meh.


It’s not even nostalgic. Just basically a shit phone. Can’t see any use for it unless you live in the jungle and can only charge once a month.


Nokia are basically a failed company pretty much and they are just going to the ‘nostalgia’ route because all else has failed because no one really buys nokias anymore it doesnt matter how brightly coloured or windows 10 installed yadda yadda they are just dated and have not kept up…so they feel this new approach will sell shit tonnes, if people buy it they are fucking mugs.


It’s just one of those cheap ass outdoor mobile phones that you don’t care about too much if you lose it and won’t break if you drop it, but even for that use it’s still a bit too expensive. They’ll probably make some money for the nostalgia but it will be forgotten in about a year.


If they are going retro they should do this one… 95n 8gb


more of a 3210 man myself.


Ive still got one… Was my work phone until the company i was working for went bust a couple of weeks ago…So kept the phone…


I can imagine it’ll be all the rage with drug dealers


Looks dead, but I guess good for older people who aren’t dated enough for touchscreen phones. Can remember one of my first phones, Nokia flip phone.


The buttons arnt big enough for older people…


No man I’ve seen The Wire, they can totally screw you with your calls, texts and pictures. WhatsApp is where it’s at.


Some older people aren’t technical enough for a touchscreen. Nokia brick is better for some of them,


Haha first thing I thought of too was burner phones!