The Randomly Nothing thread


Banana on pizza… I hate people. I really hate people.


“in 1987, 4 nuclear bombs slid off a lorry and ended up in a roadside ditch”

Jesus. :joy:


:open_mouth: Is this a thing?


According to the bottom of this page, yeah. :no_mouth:


Wait, you swines, pineapple on pizza is the most elite thing you can top a pizza with!



Eugh, banana curry pizza :mask: Sweden is weird!


Which one is the true Italian pizza. The Neapolitan or the one from Parma? @Maxi_Gooner


Im the total opposite. Il shave in the morning and have a fully fledged Al-Queda-esque beard by evening.

Pain in the arse sometimes!


Pizza is born in Naples when the Queen Margherita of Savoy visited the city. To celebrate the events, has been prepared the first pizza of the history:


People who don’t like pineapple on pizza are fundamentally broken and should be put in labour camps.


How do you not realise that you’re the one who is fundamentally weird?


I never said I wasn’t. I guess it stems back to your mum not hugging me enough growing up.


Do you like the pineapple pizza??


hawaiian pizza master race.


Stay away!




Naples :wink:


You’ve set higher standards than this m8



What do you expect from a guy who puts pineapple on pizza? Utterly distasteful, and a pervert to boot.
I guess that’s what happens when you mix English and Irish. :per: :wilshere: :mustafi: :giroud:


Any fruit on pizza is weird.