The Randomly Nothing thread


So, it could be moderated then. :smile: but ye tbh trolls just make it all pointless.


Theoretically every board can be moderated but on IMDB there’s just not enough traffic in the majority of them to really have someone from the community do it and also not enough noteworthy contributions to hire staff. Some movie or actor/actress boards were deserted for years and had comments on how they’d like to fuck a certain person hard or endless grammar nazi trains that did go unchecked for years. So yea, the huge amount of trolls doesn’t make it a great place.


Spin off by the looks of it…


You actually could find a lot of decent information among the dross. Rarely do I watch a film and not go view other peoples opinions on that board. Big shame but it was ruined by all the blockbusters being over ran by bullshit. In terms of smaller and older cinema they were fantastic boards.




You jokers in the UK

for some context:


Seriously WTF, haven’t they got anything better to do with their time than outlaw fucking pineapple on a pizza ffs, and they wonder why countries are going to shit.


I think you should read the article.


aahhh the old clickbait title and description eh, dont know how i keep falling for that old shit :xhaka:


Pineapple does not belong on pizza.


Agreed, pineapple on pizza is an abomination. Anyone who does such a thing deserves to burn in hell. It was probably invented by that Canadian guy as a joke!


Sam Panopoulos


You guys are trippin, pineapple, ham, and Jalepeno. Best pizza ever. Kek :smile:


@Gio @Luca_from_Italy

Any thoughts? What’s your opinion on Ketchup on Pizza?


Yess maybe we’ll finally win the league!!


One for @Oliver and anyone else sporting a beard…


WTF!? C’mon man!!! We only like the true italian pizza :wink:


I swear this better not be clickbait… :smile:

Edit: fuck it ill take that!! Where do you stand on beards? Yay or nay?


Yay of course. Quite a lot of guys look much better with one than without – Giroud and Jamie Dornan are two that immediately spring to mind.


I’m in the awful boat of being unable to grow a man beard and looking like a kid when I have a shave (I am nearly 30).

It’s a disability that really doesn’t get the coverage it deserves.