The Randomly Nothing thread


Rabbits chewed through my laptop charger so I’m strictly phone for 3 days.

I’m heartbroken.


Got engaged today :slight_smile: and have just found out Farcelona are getting stuffed 4-0. Now not even sure which I’m happier about (kidding :smirk:)




Congratulations :champagne:


Wheeey congratulations matey!!! Great news :blush::blush::blush:


Congrats @Robin_L

How many carats? :grin:


Congrats bro.


Congrats. How did he propose?


Congratulations Robin!


Congratulations @Robin_L


Too bashful to go into detail but it involved a wilful and very sneaky tour guide, a prominent bridge, a bunch of musicians and a bunch of slightly bemused Munich locals and tourists! :smile:


I hope it was all done in German.


Every time you retell that story in the future…“didn’t yous get fucking thumped in that game” :smile:


I’ll just fiddle the dates/ location slightly and recount how it happened after that glorious 5-1 victory over Sutton :speak_no_evil:


Shut up! :mustafi:has turned into shit since your prediction :xhaka:



Gutted. Used to love these and was quite active for a time. Still used to like reading the boards for older films because there were no trolls. :neutral_face:


Not much of a miss… too big for moderation and a stupid amount of trolls. IMDB will be a better place without their message board.


How big were the forums that they couldnt be moderated? I feel like of Reddit can make do, anywhere can.


Every movie and series had their own discussion board.

Also reddit is for the most part moderated by the users themselves and not by the admins, which makes it easier and less time consuming for the owners.