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Calling it now

I bet somebody comes out with the idea of the Premier League being a playoff like structure like the NFL/NBA to ‘appeal to the overseas audience’.

Where the league means jack shot and after the season the top 8 teams face other culminating in the PremBowl where the English EPL champions are crowned.


NFL and NBA combined arent even half as popular as football.

Doubt we will be taking any guidance from them tbh.

You could even add the baseball fanbase into that and it still wouldn’t be half as popular.

Its too big and successful globally as it is to emulate something that far beneath it.


Scenes :joy:


But if you look at some of the supposed rule changes it really looks like they are trying to emulate the sports we have here. It’s really stupid and I hate the format…fuck hopw it doesn’t turn into that.


Oh really? Forgive my ignorance but what changes? :slight_smile:


Four 22 minute quarters, no offside rule, orange card for sin bin and a couple others


Can you fucking imagine if we went to quarters instead of halfs. :joy:


Big lols. They can build that sin bin and chuck all those ideas into it!


You need at least 2 pg tips tea bags for a decent cuppa…


Quarters would be better. Getting a forced breather would probably be better for fatigue and therefore for the quality of the game. The coach would also get another two chances to have a proper chat with the team, so we’d probably see better tactics.

It would probably only add 5-10 minutes on to a game. They don’t have to be 15 minute intervals where tons of adverts are shown.


I respectfully disagree with everything you have said sir.


We can make the goals twice as big aswell…


People fuck off 10 to 15 minutes from the end as it is…With quarters they’d all be gone by half time…


The coach talking more to the whole team wouldn’t have an influence on the tactics of the game? Players getting more rests wouldn’t be better for fatigue? :thinking:

If it was a couple of 3-5 minute breaks and a 10 minute half time compared to a 15 minute half time I can’t really see an issue. It doesn’t even have to be in the dressing room, it could be on the pitch like when a game goes to extra time and they’re standing about and drinking out of lucozade bottles.

It definitely could work without being too intrusive, it’s just that it’ll never be implemented that way and it’d turn into 10 minute breaks with more adverts and more Jamie Carragher and nobody wants to see that.


I think the new ko is wrong…but as its happened im surprised more people haven’t tried to shoot…Little lay back, wallop…How many keepers are on their line at KO?


I don’t know that there is a barrier to the coach communicating tactics as it is. Without knowing that you can’t assume extra breaks would have a positive influence.

Furthermore, fatigue over 45 minutes is seldom an issue. Barring Ox against AC Milan i’ve never really seen anything to indicate footballers would need an extra break. I also believe there would be a negative affect on muscles cooling, but i have no idea why i think that.

Lastly, it believe it would disrupt the flow of the game, and encourage more opportunities for taking the ball to the corner flag waiting for whistles. Etc.


Extra time after each quarter would be a nice change and all those minimal breaks in between would definitely not worsen the viewing experience or stop the game flow.



Two minutes of Arjen Robben cutting in and scoring


Of course stopping the game would stop the flow. What an obscure thing to say.


I guess I didn’t quite make it clear enough that it was sarcasm. Will use bigger letters next time.