The Randomly Nothing thread


Yeah as long as Sainsbury’s taste the difference swiss milk chocolate with pistachio doesn’t go up I’m good.


Between this and toblerone, i think i am pretty much done with life.


Space Raiders at 20p a pack as opposed to 10p a couple of years ago is where all this shitstorm started. Fucking devastating tbh.


Love all the outrage by people who probably haven’t bought any of these products for a long time :grin:

Freddo is over rated anyway. I always preferred Taz, had caramel in it.


The popping candy ones at christmas was a fall in standards really.
Dont fix what isnt broke.








So, about 45 minutes ago, I stupidly left my brand new Galaxy S7 edge on a bus at Gatwick airport. Sort of feels like i’ve had my soul ripped away from me. Anyone else feel some profound attachment, almost a dependency on their mobile?

Heed my warning guys and gals of OA. ALWAYS check your pockets before leaving public transport!! :slight_smile:

First world problems, heh.





Love the Wednesday commute home as it means Shortlist Magazine is handed out! :grinning:

On the basis of the new Juve badge they done a few PL ones. I quite like ours tbh…


True, and as a bonus they did a fitting tribute to OA’s top man.

:rosicky::arteta::astonished::astonished: :innocent::innocent: :wilshere::coq::ozil2:

:welbeck: (seriously @Mysty , @Bl1nk , no Diaby smiley is an outrage)


The one they’ve done for us kind of reminds me of something I’ve seen before…


Dunno what gives you that impression. Looks completely original to me. :wink:


What fucking idiot would do this to their arm?! :thinking:


What a bunch of stupid twats people are nowadays:


That Chelsea lion looks like it just dropped a big donut. I like the ‘C’ for cunts aspect of it, though.


Busquets, possibly the worst keeper in a top team ever.


Hahaha :robot: