The Randomly Nothing thread


“It’s confirmed that the Arsenal cannon will be present on the shirt”

Thanks. For. That.


Anyone ever play Cards against Humanity? Had these cards in my hand earlier. Killed it.


Zara Larsson on Top of The Pops certainly made my Christmas Day better :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Why does Andy have a Bo peep in the Toy story films. I know he cant get rid of his affection for his toys, but hed surely of ditched her.


Need some hairstyles like this in football!


@Phoebica ?


Nah, that’s too normal in comparison. Needs to add a dragon or something


I have chili pepper colored Chucks…


Not hi-tops?


I don’t get the reference but she fine boi, so you get a like.


What the fuck has happened to the world when “dabbing” and flipping bottles has become a fucking thing. Cunts.


Scream queens. Literally the greatest Tv show in the history of mankind.


So she is still alive.


Nah, I only wear low-tops these days. Don’t know why… just prefer them.


Just crashed my car. Fuck it allllllllllll


How bad mate? Hope you arent hurt.


Thanks I’m all fine cars a write off though I loved that thing, 2k to replace and then insurance :weary:


Awful news man! :open_mouth: Glad you’re ok though. What happened on the road?


When I saw a sports page in one of the papers on the subject of this year’s ‘honours list’ and read the headline about a Sir Andy, my first thought was "What? Sir Andy fucking Carroll? Better suck down another Stella, I guess. :slight_smile:


Great way to end your year!