The R.I.P thread


Yeah I saw that this morning, he was also manager of my home team ,Sad news.


Raja? I used to play for Raja when I was a kid


Dima Raja ever since I was born, do you still follow the team?


Yes I do, but not like before. I still follow Botola table and results but rarely do I watch the matches anymore


Rip Lois Lane ( Margot Kidder)


:open_mouth: Only 37, had just dropped his kids off at school apaprently


Shit. Rest In Peace. :frowning:


It’s like a curse of 90s Villa players.

Dalian Atkinson, Ugo Ehiogu and now poor JLloyd Samuel. (I remember Pires managing to magically get past him before majestically lobbing Peter Schmeichel)

RIP JLloyd


Fuck that’s awful. RIP.


Terrible! R.I.P.