The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Didnt put a wang on one of them either, that is sexist! Equal opportunities to be on that pic ‘n’ all that!


Check again, I see little wangs. :joy:



RACIST! It’s always the racists.


There wasn’t a spare 24 inches of paper unfortunately.


Found this pretty amusing. Everton fans having to get up at the crack of dawn to travel down to Brighton in order to suit the millions of die-hard Brighton fans in India.

This is the future, people.



This situation has only arisen because Christmas Eve is on a Sunday. Sky own the Sunday football slots – they pay £11m per game. And that weekend are entitled to show three games - even if they move one to the Friday night and have one on Saturday lunchtime, that’s still one more that can only be shown on the Sunday unless they think “nah, we’ll just throw 11 million down the drain.”

Yes, I get that it will impact on travelling fans, but that isn’t Sky’s priority. Having a game on the Sunday isn’t them being knobs, it’s them doing exactly what the terms and conditions of their contract say they can do.


Feel for the fans going but will be great to have an arsenal game to watch on Christmas Eve


Whats the travesty about this exactly?


Exactly. The main complaint seems to be about how it will impact Liverpool fans, in terms of travelling. If it’s a problem they can just stay at home. Less Liverpool fans in London. Result :grin:


Imagine we win something this year, 30 years from now pool fans will be like, “yeah but we had to play at the Emirates on Christmas Eve, I hope you put that in the trailer”.




Post of the year.


Honestly I don’t know if you guys are laughing because the joke was funny or because I asked you to imagine that we’d win something this year.


Good. Give those scousers a nightmare Christmas :kos2:


Man United have scored 21 goals in the Premier League this season. And Liverpool have a defence who perform like they’re playing in treacle. But sure.


Typical deluded scouser.


Think I’ll wait to hear what Merse has to say on the matter.


Oh you. :smile: