The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Hartfield booked for diving.
Every Burnley’s attack is a threat for Everton.


I haven’t forget some ‘experts’ saying Everton would finish above Arsenal in the summer


If Koeman didn’t win this he would surely get the sack. Everton are just hopeless.


Poor week for me FPL wise, brother Salah needs to step up v Newcastle and win some points


Yep because they spent more in the transfer window. :facepalm:


Everton= :gabriel:


Theirs still time we fuck up after Xmas


Seriously, Everton haven’t had a shot on target during the whole game.


Everton are fucking awful. So slow and old.

Is this the same Koemann from Southampton?

Such a stark contrast to his saints team


1-0 Burnley FT. Dyche knows his shit.


Burnley unbeaten away from home after playing at Stamford Bridge, Wembley, Anfield and Goodison Park. Fucking impressive.

Dyche doing a fantastic job


C’mon Lascelles! Trying to score from there!
Newcastle playing quite well.
Liverpool have taken control of the game and have wasted some good chances now.
Coutinho with one of his rockets again FFS! 1-0!


Shootinho great goal



He didn’t even get the shot off lol


Liverpool have such a shit defence, Klopp isn’t the answer.

Comical defending every season.


Coutinho really is a phenomenal attacking player… so clever and graceful and skilled and has those ridiculous bombs in his locker too… too bad Pool kept him. I see us fighting Pool for 5th, but if they get their defensive act together (big if), they could get to the Spurs tier and separate from us a little bit… still see it being tight, but starting to think we could be facing 6th rather than 4/5th.


That Newcastle equaliser :joy::joy::joy:


What a defence! :arteta:. Liverpool are so shit at the back. 1-1!



You see the best of Liverpool and the worst of Liverpool in the same match very often.

They’re trying to steal our Banter FC crown. I’m not sure how I feel about that :thinking: