The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Another season, another underwhelming campaign for the champions? :giroud3:


Chelsea looked a lil leggy but going toe to toe with Atletico will do that to you.

They’d better hope Morata won’t be out long.


Arteta. :blush:


City’s energy and pressing is really impressive. They are going to be brutal to play against.


City took the piss :no_mouth:


Yep hugely impressive from City today.

I wonder if Palace will defy the form book and actually score a goal at home to Chelsea, maybe even nick a draw


“the Harry Kane team” lool

Their fans don’t like it, hopefully it sticks :joy:


Again why are people comparing KDB to Ozil ? As @Arsenal4thetreble says he’s not even as good as Theo.


At least we can make jokes about Harry kane carrying them like they made jokes about RvP carrying us.

All their goals come through him, if he gets injured they’re fucked.


They have won their last 2 games at the Bridge, tbh.


I think Crystal Palace might get something from that game.


Absolutely no chance in hell of Palace getting anything at Stamford Bridge, they’re gonna get smashed


probably, but you know how football is.

I’ve heard a few saying “will get they score before Christmas” or going full GFI and asking if they could lose every game this season. Chances are they could score vs Chelsea and probably win the game after that


Goals for them will be like buses. Once they score the floodgates will open. On paper their team isn’t actually that bad - certainly not the worst in the Premier League.


“Chances are” means something is likely, right?

Because I don’t think Palace winning is likely. Possible, yeah.

Me saying they have “no chance” is a bit of exaggeration for effect, you are right in saying "you know how football Is, because of course they have a chance. Just a very, very slim one.

Some of those things you mention some people saying are of course very silly. @Phoebica is right that their team isn’t that bad.


1-0 Burnley :smiley:


Get in Burnley!


Everton in crisis.

Great play from Burnley

Hendrick 0-1


Good. Koeman fat negative prick


Tintin could get sacked in the not so distant future.

He’s struggling big time. I’m not sure his dream of managing Barcelona one day is entirely realistic.