The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


I really dislike reactive tweets like those.


Chelsea look they can’t handle 3 games in 1 week.


KDB got 17 goals 16 assists in 15/16. Oezil 8 goals 20 assists.


Err yeah, yeah, totally… :neutral_face:


KDB has better people in front of him. No way would KDB be getting those numbers if he had to pass to Theo


Was it not 19? as 20 is the record no? I thought he didn’t equal it


1 in the FA Cup. But if it’s just league numbers then KDB’s are shite. :joy:


Chelsea are devoid of any idea.


They have better ideas than we do. I’d take a 1-0 defeat to City right now.


Jade, we drew against them :wink:


OMG that should’ve been in. Ruediger… :cech:


Ozil would’ve broke the assist record if he had Aguero, v reactionary to say KDB is better


What a save by Rudiger!


Didn’t Oezil go a bit cold in that season. Like he had ages to get the record but never did?


He slowed down but it coincided with the poor team form tbh.


Chelsea have given up.


Yeah started off the season like a Ferrari. Ended it like a tractor.


So he got better then? :thinking:

Not so fun fact… Lamborghini’s started off as tractors then the owner bought a Ferrari and didn’t like the clutch in his car so made a better one himself then decided to make sports cars.


Hmmm… thanks Ad. That info will serve me well :wink:


1-0 City FT. Pathetic display from Chelsea.