The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


So true. I can already see us hanging on a cheeky goal.


4-0 Lukaku. Very easy.
2-1 Stoke as well.


Disappointed in Lukaku only scoring once as my captain


Watford equalize right at the end.


So Bernando Silva just sit on the bench most of the times.


He’ll get his chance but he’s the long term replacement for Silva so it’s to be expected it’ll take time.

He’ll eventually be a key player for them though, no doubt about that.


Random question - Is it just me or do the back of Kyle Walker’s socks not match everyone else’s?


City dictacting the game atm, while Chelsea play on counter.
Courtois lol! :arteta: WTF was he doing here?
Very good move by City here.
The game is finally heating up. First Ederson saves a good shot by Azpilicueta, then Sterling misses an easy pass in the box.


Morata is so silky, mugged off Stones there.

City haven’t made the most of their dominant spell.


City being the better team now.


Morata off injured :confused:


So who is up front? Do Chelsea think they are peak Spain or something?!


Need my dose of Bernado Silva. Come on Pep sort it out


Guess it is gonna finish 0-0. Both sides don’t want to lose.


Weak mentality


Wenger mentality :wink:


Both teams have enough quality to bag a goal, could be a very interesting second half.

Intrieged to see what Conte does to balance the field and get some possession back.


I’m curious as to why Conte didn’t bring Batshuayi on after Morata got injured. Is it a rule that he can’t come on until there is only 15 minutes left?



“xG per shot” :rofl: